Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hey there Delilah

I have been reading the Old Testament lately. I could've sworn I knew all the details of the classic Bible stories, but I find myself being surprised again and again as I'm reading them.

Take Samson for example. I always blamed Delilah. She betrayed him, right? It was all her fault!

But then I was reading and realized that Samson wasn't completely blindsided. Samson must have had some idea that Delilah was up to no good because when she asked him where he got his power, Samson lied three times. And all three times Delilah attempted to strip him of said power. How does the phrase go? Fool me once...

But I guess Delilah wore the poor man down because on her fourth try he divulges that his hair is the secret to his power.

And what does Delilah do? She has Samson's head shaved while he's sleeping. (I think Samson had to be the only one who didn't see that one coming.)

It's kinda like in a scary movie when the teenage girl separates from her friends and goes down the dark alley. I am always like, "No! Don't do it!" And then she gets her head eaten by a raving lunatic and I am all, "I told you so. I told you not to go down that alley." (Why do they never listen?)

Sometimes I wish I could see my own life that clearly. Are there things I am doing that are that obvious to others? I mean there must have been more to the story of Samson, right? It had to be more complicated than the dozen verses or so make it out to be. He must've known something we don't. Or maybe he just couldn't see clearly.

Or maybe (and this is my favorite possibility) supernatural strength is just no match for the influence of a woman.

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Margaret said...

That is so true about Samson. He's such a punk!

I also thought it was interesting that idols mentioned in the OT were things like Moses' bronze serpent. That's how I feel when I miss the mark sometimes and worship the wrong thing. It's close but not it.

Great post. I like how you think, M.C.!