Monday, April 2, 2012

Here comes the sun

It's officially spring in Provo. The other morning Nate kissed me and said, "I think we've made it through another winter." Then there was a big sigh of relief--from both of us. I think we were meant to be birds who fly south for the winter. Sunshine is just good for our souls. 

Speaking of spring, spring cleaning is fully underway at our household. We have a to do list a mile long and we have every intention of checking it off. Just last week I painted probably a good 80% of the inside of our house. I'm in love with the new color. I'll tell you a secret: I was scared to death about painting our house. Everyone that came over would comment on how they loved the tan-colored paint. It was a really good shade as far as tan goes. So good, in fact, that it took me two years to paint over it. But I'm so glad I did. I don't even care if people don't comment on how they love the new color. It makes me happy. I've decided that is my new decorating philosophy: if it makes me happy...

We spent Friday night and most of the day Saturday in the yard. Nate has developed quite the love for yard work and keeps telling me it's going to happen to me too. Unfortunately, I haven't quite caught the bug. On Saturday morning, we did pick up a new patio set at a garage sale for $20. I was so excited that I made Nate fire up the barbeque on Saturday afternoon to enjoy it. I'm looking forward to lots of fun summer nights spent in our yard.

At an attempt to be healthy (or healthier than usual), I decided to make mini frittatas for Sunday morning breakfast. They turned out so fluffy and tasty.

The best part was how simple they were to make. You just mix four eggs with a 1/4 cup milk and a dash of salt. (I'm terrible at measuring things like salt.) Pour them into a greased muffin pan (it should fill six of the muffins) and then throw in a big spoonful of some filling--I did tomatoes, cheese, mushrooms, and onions. Cook for 15-20 minutes @ 350 degrees fahrenheit. You can then use a knife to cut around the edges and enjoy! (I was wondering if it might work to use cupcake liners in the future--make it a little more festive perhaps?)

After I made these, I thought it would be great to make them with pears, spinach, bacon, bleu cheese, and craisins. A little less healthy, but I'm pretty sure they would be amazing. 

These were a much simpler alternative to omelettes and hit the spot while listening to General Conference. Wasn't General Conference great? I really loved Elder Packer's talk on Saturday morning. I always get so impatient for the talks to be published the following Thursday! It's a completely different experience for me to read them instead of just listening. So much wisdom and goodness it's almost overwhelming. I guess it's good we have six whole months to study and apply and improve.

p.s. Did anyone do any good April Fool's pranks? I feel like I completely missed out this year and I need to live vicariously through someone else.


Amanda S. said...

I completely didn't think about the fact that it was April Fool's until sometime during the night, so I looked up what various Internet sites were doing. I always love Google's tricks, including this one:

Brenda said...

The frittatas look great! I love conference too and quite enjoyed it. I hate April Fool's day, so no jokes around here (Stacy has learned)

Margaret said...

Love your house update. Also, I just had a hilarious thought. What if President Monson started his talk by saying that the sealed portion of the BOM would be revealed that day! April Fools! Hilarious? Maybe only in my brain.

I think I will be struck by lightning the second I hit submit.

Glo said...

We got back to salt lake and all of a sudden it looked like spring, i love it--so much green! i want to get together someitme--will you email me your number? gtgarlock@gmail