Thursday, February 16, 2012

she likes to leave you hanging on her words

It was weird to not post yesterday. After posting every weekday for three weeks straight, it felt a little like I had forgotten to brush my teeth or something. It's funny how quickly something becomes a habit.

I liked posting some diys for everyone--it's definitely fun to share ideas. I liked hearing your ideas as well. But I really missed writing for the last couple of weeks. You know, my random ramblings about my life and the world around me. So I'm committing to posting more on this blog of mine. But not just posts, I am going to really focus on writing--my thoughts, ideas, etc. I'm constantly writing throughout my day, but there's something about publishing to my blog that makes me push a little harder. I really like that feeling.

My apologies in advance if there are fewer photos and more words around this blog. Actually, no apologies. My words are worth a thousand photos.

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lindsay b. said...

this makes me excited. I love your writing and your ideas--very inspiring.