Wednesday, February 8, 2012

love fest, day 6

Today we are creating poetry. I absolutely love poetry. I know that is a little nerdy to admit. I also know it can be rather intimidating to attempt to write or that I sometimes feel my writing doesn't exactly say what I want it to. So my idea today uses another's writing to create our own poetry. It's not a sonnet (or even a limerick for that matter), but it's still pretty fun.

First I found a newspaper article. The topic really doesn't matter. As you can see from the photo, my article is about rock climbing.

Next, I circled words and phrases that I liked. In my case, I'm talking about Nate. (I circled in pencil first, but you couldn't see that in a photograph. Go for it in pen if you're a rebel like that.)

Finally, once I had circled all of the words and phrases I wanted to use, I took a marker and crossed out the rest of the text. It would be cool to black it out even more, but my Sharpie was low on ink as it was.

Here is what my poem says:

longing for You
It's like a disease takes hold

abundance of strength
constant stability
wanting more
trying really hard

Completely fun and completely stress free. And one more thing: you could also cut phrases and words out of magazines. That would be more colorful and give you more freedom of expression. Ready, set, write cross stuff out!

 project adapted from Newspaper Blackout project.


Amanda S. said...

I think this is my favorite love fest idea so far! Nice!!

Meg said...

I'm IN LOVE with this. Like, really. Love! Love! Love!

Nate said...

So that's how you feel about me huh? Nicely put. Will you make another one for me with this article:

Brenda said...

What a great idea!

Shelby Kendall M. said...

M.C., you crack me up! (I've probably told you that a few times now) but it's true. Your writing style is great and easy to relate with. I loved the last line where you crossed out "write". I also loved the post right before this. We have a lot in common!

Danny & Desirae Sommers said...

This would be perfect for Danny and Taisha. Rock Climbing would go with them too. Very cute idea!

Hannah said...

Very cute MC!

Hannah said...

Very cute MC!

lindsay b. said...

I love this. The poem you came up with sounds so great.

Margaret said...

This is such a fantastic idea! Wouldn't it be cool if you used a newspaper published on your anniversary or something? I could see it being an easy craft but also really nice if matted and framed. Awesome job, M.C.!