Friday, February 3, 2012

love fest, day 3

Last year, Nate and I baked some Valentine's Day cupcakes that we decorated with conversation hearts. One of the hearts said, "Page Me." That was when I realized conversation hearts needed a revamp.

I thought it would be fun to make some hearts that had sayings that were specifically for us so I came up with this festive decoration. I love how colorful and sassy it is

It was really easy to make. All I needed was some colored paper, a pair of scissors, and a computer/printer. I brainstormed some fun sayings to put on the hearts and then just typed them in a document. (I used size 100 pt. font and centered the font on a landscape document.) I printed out each of the sayings on a different piece of colored paper like this:

After I printed out the words, I cut a heart template. I am not very good at cutting freehand so I figured a template would save me from having to reprint the hearts again and again. I just folded a piece of white paper hamburger style and then cut half a heart.

I then traced the template onto the printed sayings and cut them out.


Next I just used some sticky tack to hang up the hearts on our fireplace. You could use tape or even some ribbon to make a banner. I hung them in a rainbow, but you could do alternating colors or whatever your little conversation heart desires. Here are some upclose shots of my finished hearts:



And my personal favorite:

You can download my conversation hearts here, but it's pretty fun to come up with your own. I highly suggest it.


Meredith said...

You know, I would've let you borrow my "like" stamp! All you had to do was ask. :)

Meg said...

my fav is the "like" heart. i need to make these for our house! i'm loving your valentine blogging.

Alisha Erin said...

to your note: i used to do laundry on tuesday also. but then Minnie got big and messy and I never got it all done in one go. so now i do a load every day monday through wednesday. not to say that it's ever really all folded. but i try. :) i try to stay on the kitchen cleaning every day too, but now that our kitchen is bigger and Minnie eats real food and Jeff is not very motivated to do the's not as clean as I would regularly like it to be. :)

we should live closer together. come to arizona. you know. sometime after I get there.

Brenda said...

MC, I think you should blog everyday forever. It is so fun to read your cute blog posts and it makes me so happy that everyday I see you have a new one!

Becky said...

M.C. I tried this! mine weren't as cute as yours turned out, but it was still fun. Thanks for the fun ideas!