Friday, January 27, 2012

secrets from a stylist stalker

When I found out that Emily Henderson from HGTV's Secrets from a Stylist was going to be at ALT Summit this year, I tried to sign up. Unfortunately it was too late and they were all sold out. I really have no business being at ALT Summit anyway. It's for the real bloggers out there. But I was totally willing to go tag along with the cool kids just for the chance to meet Emily. Plus it's in Utah. Besides Sundance Film Festival, very few exciting things happen around here.

With my failed attempt at registration, my dream of meeting Emily died. Then last week I went to quilt night and Nate's Uncle Stacy told me he had spent the day being a driver for all of the ALT attendees. I about fell over. I said (in a really serious voice), "Did you meet Emily?" He said he had met a girl named Emily so I looked up a photo of her on my phone and showed it to him. Yep, he had met her.

All of the sudden I turned into a fourteen-year-old girl. Other people dream of meeting George Clooney and Emma Stone, but I just want to meet designers.

Stacy said he was going to drive again on Saturday and he would look out for Emily for me. Saturday morning he called me to tell me he met her friend, Anne Sage from the City Sage and Rue magazine, and she gave him this photo for me:

  And then wrote this on the back:

I love this. And now that I have a personal invite from Anne, I will definitely be attending next year.

But since I didn't get to actually attend this year, I did the next best thing: I googled. And I found this interview with Emily. I love what she says about Design Star, "People would tell me they were a really competitive person and I thought, 'Why? Just be a really hard-working person.'"

I love that. I've always believed that. The moment I start to feel the slightest bit competitive, I put my head down and get to work. Usually I work so hard that I completely forget who I was competing with in the first place.

And later in the article she admitted this:

After Design Star, I went to Barnes and Noble to buy some style books, basically the ABCs of Interior Design. And I thought, 'PLEASE don't anybody recognize me.' I had a pretty good idea but the details--like what specific carpet patterns are called or the proper names of chair styles--were good for me to know.

The idea of her going to Barnes and Noble to buy design books cracks me up. I like that she doesn't take herself too seriously. And she'll probably be writing one of those books in the not-so-distant future. Perhaps then I'll meet her at a book signing? A girl can dream.

Check out her blog here. It's very inspiring and completely entertaining.


Margaret said...

You being starstruck with this Emily chick is, I think, the equivalent of me receiving a signed block of butter from Paula Dean. And yes, that would be amazing.

Ashley said...

Love it. Love it. I too would someday like to go to Alt summit. I'm sure if you just take your pic and the autograph you will for sure get in. I mean, you are pretty much BFF with them now.

Brenda said...

That's great!

amanda said...

I love her designes too, and her clothes! I discovered awhile back that I know somebody who knows somebody who knows her...and I felt special!

Molly @ The Nesting Game said...

I was totally star struck too. And believe me, I did *not* play it cool. (Tried, but failed miserably.) She is as cool in person as she seems on the show! Glad my interview could help further your stalking and see you next year at Alt!

Adi Edlen said...

I am SO OBSESSED with Emily. When she won design star my husband and I screamed at the top of our lungs. (hahah yes, my hubs loves her too!)

It was great meeting you in the Alt Summit class the other day! Loving your blog!