Sunday, January 1, 2012

ringing in 2012

We rang in the new year just the way I like it-- two hours early with New York. I figure it's the most exciting place to celebrate so why not join them? I'd be lying if I said I was sad to see 2011 go. In a lot of ways 2011 has been one of the hardest years to date. Still, in some ways it has been wonderful. Life is often funny like that. I'm just hoping 2012 is ... a little calmer.
I've talked about how I struggle with resolutions before. I'm sticking with my idea that they should be fun. So here are my three resolutions for 2012:
1. Settle on a signature scent. (I used to have one and I so miss it.)
2. Write more poetry.
3. Kiss Nate every chance I get.

I hope your new year is off to a good start!
image via anthro


Amanda S. said...

I think I'll steal that resolution to write more poetry. It sounds like a good idea. :)

Brenda said...

Love your resolutions!

Heather Lee said...

Cute! Did you design that? I'm soōóöôòõø glad I got to see you TWICE in 2011. Makes the rest of the year worth it. Happy 2012. I hope we can double our visits this year. Miss you!

Alisha Erin said...

I want to read your poetry.