Tuesday, January 24, 2012

party like a rockstar

This last weekend my friend Ilene and I threw a shower for our friend Katie. When Ilene and I met to plan the shower, I told her that I wanted to keep it simple (but nice) so we didn't get all stressed out. (Did I mention that we invited all the women in our ward? Over 100 invitations!)

What was Ilene's response to this? She said, "I was thinking we could do a crepe bar."

I thought maybe she hadn't heard me, but it turned out that her mom is a caterer and she was going to be in town from Florida for the shower. So I was in charge of decorations/invitations and Ilene and her mom handled all the food. (Which was so much more than a crepe bar--we had quiches and all kinds of fresh fruit and multiple kinds of syrups and lemon curd and whip cream and breads and muffins.)

Then a few days before, my friend Amanda called and said she's starting a cake business and would I mind if she brought one of her cakes to the shower? I said, "Yes, I would mind." Just kidding. I told her we would love it.

So my advice for throwing an awesome shower: have really talented friends (and moms). 

The funniest part is that no one at the shower knew how to use a DSLR camera. We're in Utah and we didn't have any photographer moms? I seriously couldn't believe it. So unfortunately you get my unskilled attempts at photography (made while I was rushing around getting things set up and making sure people had chairs). 

As I was getting ready to host the shower, I had in my mind that I wanted it to be really simple but pretty. I wanted candles and fresh flowers (because fresh flowers in the middle of January feel so indulgent). I went on Pinterest looking for ideas at one point and about lost my mind. There are so many creative people out there, but sometimes I just like simplicity. So I was all set for simple. {This is what we call foreshadowing in the world of literature.}

I had this vision of blue vases and white hydrangeas. The week before I had found a great deal on white hydrangeas at Costco, but when I went to buy them the night before the shower, Costco only had  random pink and yellow flowers. So Nate went to a florist and picked me up some white daisies. Then, as I was setting up, I just had this moment. I was like, "I planned on white hydrangeas and white daisies are not the same as white hydrangeas and now everything is ruined." I really try hard not to have these girl moments, but sometimes they just happen. Luckily Nate has gotten very good at not pointing out that I'm being dramatic or that everything is, in fact, not ruined. I think the daisies turned out very pretty and I'm sure no one else thought twice about it.     

 I have to tell you about what Ilene's mom did. She cut up oranges and pink grapefruit the night before and then sprinkled them with cinnamon. It was amazing. I love me some pink grapefruit, but the sweetness of the oranges and the hint of cinnamon was so good. Seriously. Try it.

Ilene took care of the food, but I was in charge of the water and hot chocolate bar. That cocoamotion is quite the champ.
Invitation template found here.
 These two women are awesome. They enjoy the social gatherings more than any of us young girls. I really need to blog about what Dorothea (the one on the right) gave me for Christmas.
 Another talented friend! My friend Karrey made these adorable little newborn shoes.She sells them here.
 And this is the cake Amanda made. I thought it was perfect for our little gathering. 

The hostesses and the mama-to-be (in the middle--she hardly looks pregnant, but she's getting induced on Thursday!)


Brenda said...

Looks so fun! Thanks for sharing! (What, no shout out for lending you a table - hahahaha - totally just kidding!)

Margaret said...

This is GORGE!--in both sense of the word. (Can you use an exclamation point followed by an em dash?) Gorge as in gorgeous invite, gorgeous decor, gorgeous cake. Also, gorge as in gorging vicariously on that crepe bar, hot chocolate bar, and cake.

I guess we can't be friends anymore because I have nothing to contribute to your gorgeousness besides origami cranes.