Monday, December 19, 2011

joyful + triumphant

So I'm really proud of myself. Yesterday I taught the Christmas lesson for my primary class at church and I wanted to do something extra special because it was the Christmas lesson and our last lesson as a class. I came up with the following idea all without the help of blogs, pinterest, or the internet in general. The kids LOVED it, it was really easy to do, and I made all of them for under $10 (I have four kids in my class, but the cost would decrease per item because you could buy the candy in bulk.) I was thinking that these would even make really cute gifts for neighbors and friends.

For our lesson, I wrapped each part of the nativity and included the scripture that went along with it from the Christmas story. The kids each took turns unwrapping the nativity and reading the scriptures.

At the end of the lesson, I told them that I had a nativity for each of them, but that they were a different type of nativity. I made them promise that they would read my letter before they opened their nativities. (I know, I'm such a strict teacher.)

In each nativity, I had different candies that represented different parts of the nativity. Then, the letter explained what each candy symbolized and had the scripture that went along with it. It looked like this (I typed the scriptures out in their letters, but I just put the references here to save space):

When you eat the Starburst, think of the star that led the wisemen to Christ. (Matthew 2:2)
When you eat the Sour straws, think of the manger where Christ was laid. (Luke 2:7)
When you eat the Look! bar, think of the angel that proclaimed the Savior's birth. (Luke 2:10-11)
When you eat the candy canes, think of the shepherd's crook and how they came with haste to meet the Savior. (Luke 2:15)
When you eat the three candy bar presents (I just used the Dove candies that are wrapped like gifts), think of the wisemen who traveled to see Christ and brought Him gifts. (Matthew 2:1)
When you eat the Mr. Goodbar, think of Joseph who was so good to Mary and helped raise and teach Jesus. (Matthew 1:24-25)
When you eat the Mamba, think of Mary who was the mother of Christ. (Luke 1:28)
Lastly, keep this picture of Christ at His birth to remind you of His love for you. (John 3:16)

I put in a picture of Christ so that they had something to keep that wouldn't be eaten. :) Like I said, they were so excited about these. They kept coming up with new ideas for candy and trying to guess what each candy symbolized. I'm going to miss teaching kids that get so excited about the simplest things. (They are even impressed by my artwork.)


Jonathan said...

Wow, that's super crafty. And delicious.

Amanda said...

I'm impressed. What a fun idea!

Joanna Galbraith said...

How cool!! What a meaningful and yummy gift! I'm sure they'll remember that for a long time!!

Danny & Desirae Sommers said...

That was so cute! You are so creative!

Margaret said...

So you're saying that, in order to get the full Nativity experience this Christmas, you have to eat a Starburst, a handful of Sour straws, a Look! bar, a few candy canes, three candy bars, a Mr. Goodbar, and some Mamba all at the same time for full effect? I believe that sugar high will produce more than a hallucination of the birth. Maybe it will cause you to give birth. Through your mouth. With rainbows.

Brenda said...

So cute, I wished I had seen it before I did my lesson on Sunday! Great to see you guys tonight!

tricia said...

What a great idea! My favorite is the Mamba for are quite creative!

David and Shalynna said...

This is adorable! I might just have to copy it for my nieces and nephews! I'm so impressed that you came up with this on your own. Have a Merry Christmas!