Wednesday, October 12, 2011

hey shorty, it's your birthday

Last week, Nate and I headed down to California to visit my parents and celebrate my birthday. We went to Disneyland, we shopped, and we relaxed. We also ate a lot. I cannot overemphasize how good the food was.

We hadn't been to Disneyland since we were dating. It was actually a little crowded for a Thursday in October, but not too bad. We went on the new Star Tours. It was a lot better quality, but I really missed the old ride. Good news is that Captain EO is back. I know we've all been missing that artistic display of talent.

I don't know if anyone has had the hand-dipped corn dogs at Disneyland, but they were pretty good. Nate saw some people walking around with them so we decided to go try them out. We actually waited longer for our corn dogs than we did for Space Mountain and Matter Horn combined. But two giant corn dogs and $16 later, we were some very happy tourists.

For my birthday, my mom took me shopping. It was so fun to get to go pick out some new clothes. Although, it did take some hunting for me to find what I wanted. (I'm still on the hunt for some new boots.) For dinner we tried a new sushi place called Riptide Rockin Sushi. Megan informed me that the Real Housewives of Orange County go there a lot. I say, if it's good enough for them it's good enough for me! haha It was really good. I would definitely recommend it to any housewife anywhere.

We also hit up the beach twice and went to BJ's. I had forgotten how good BJ's is. It was so wonderful to sit and look out at Main Beach while enjoying some amazing pizza and pazookie. Life doesn't get much better than that.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't sad to come home. I really love it down there. No wonder they call it the happiest place on earth.


Meg said...

mmmm, corn dogs... what more can you ask for?! glad you had a great birthday... shorty:)

Brenda said...

Fun! Glad you had fun and got lots of delicous food! Hope you're coming on Saturday for more delicious food over here...

Margaret said...

Totally would have skipped that line to get a big box of corn dogs at the grocery store. Happiest place on earth? Psh. That should be Smith's.

Also, I'm pretty sure BJ's wasn't the wholesale club you were referring to. but if it is, that's okay. I won't judge you.


lindsay b. said...

I love BJ's and their pazookies! When my parents come up to visit my mom makes us one since we can't have the real thing.

Sounds like you had a great birthday!

Stephanie and Brett said...

Sounds soo fun! I'm glad you had a very happy birthday! I'm so happy I was able to see you!

Heather Lee said...

That's totally the plan. Next kid will go on top of Graham's shoulders.
I did do a lot of the directing of poses. Our styles were just so off. He wanted us peeking out of a circle "window" in that gazeebo thing. And I just wouldn't have it.
call may. and Happy Birthday!
AAAnd we love the corndogs at Disneyland as well.