Friday, September 23, 2011

They're baaackk!

Last night Nate and I watched the first two episodes of this season of Modern Family and they were just as good as ever. By the way, did it freak anyone else out to hear Lily talk? So strange.

Anyway, there was the best quote in the show from Gloria.

Gloria: Try to look on the positive side. This could be your haha moment.
Manny: What does that mean?
Gloria: It means you will look back on this one day and laugh.

So funny, but also so true. The other night Nate and I were talking with some friends about our first year of marriage and all the disagreements that come along with that. Even after only a couple years (we're celebrating our 3rd anniversary on Monday!), it's already funny to look back. Who knew getting our car towed three times in one month (and the accompanying hundreds of dollars of fees) would ever be a haha moment.

Well, call us gluttons for punishment because we are headed to another BYU game tonight. (I'm feeling another haha moment coming.) Hopefully the cougars do a little better this week. If not, we'll at least get a brat tail out of it.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Glo said...

I love Modern Family, I forget how much that show makes me laugh and brightens my week. I would like to think I will have many Haha moments about my first three years of marriage and all the car things we have had go wrong.

Glad you are a true fan, go Cougs!!

Hannah Frank said...

Such a good show! Another thing I look forward to (we don't get modern family here, so I've just seen a few episodes through sling box). Omg! Three times in one month? Impressive. Gotta love those moments. Personal fav haha moment was no electricity at our house for the full weekend!
Yess! I think we will make it to Utah more. Still bummed we didnt get to see you this last time! We'll have to shoot for next time!

Ashley said...

"Philis!" Seriously laughed so hard.

Heather Lee said...

Oh my gosh, Steve and I have some of our hardiest laughs thinking back on our first year. I don't know if I agree that the first year is the hardest, but in some ways I definitely think it's the funniest! Hopefully we keep it alive and have lots to laugh about 5 years from now. (yes we've been married nearly 5 years).

Heather Lee said...

Just to give you a glimpse. Being 3 months prego and having the complex sewer back up IN OUR LIVING ROOM, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Then being 9 months prego and having it back up again. This time poo coming out of the bathtub drain. I mean when else will you live in those conditions other than your first year? And you're still swooning with love that a little poop in between the toes doesn't make you miss a step.