Friday, July 1, 2011

the way you move ain't fair, ya know

So I've been faithfully working out with Jillian Michaels again. I really do love her workout (even if she is a little abrasive). And when I went to San Francisco I was telling my sister how I really needed a new pair of yoga pants. {I thought I had learned to not mention things like that with Megan.} But a week later a pair of Lululemon yoga pants showed up on my doorstep. And they are incredible.

Megan sent them with this note, "My friend told me these pants will save your marriage...not that your marriage needs saving." haha I had to call her to clarify what that meant. I guess once you are a mom you pretty much live in workout gear/pajamas. (I'm not a mom, but I like wearing workout wear a lot--mostly because it gives people the idea that I work out.) And these pants make you look great. Plus, they come with a five-year guarantee (translation: they hold up really well). I've never even heard of pants being guaranteed, let alone for five years.

So I tried them on and I basically haven't taken them off. I'm picky about my yoga pants. I think that a lot of them are just bad news in terms of looks. And not only do they make you look great, they are so comfortable. Have I convinced anyone yet?

I have always loved Lululemon's manifesto:

 See a larger version here.  

And although I have admired from afar, I've never actually owned anything from there. But I'm definitely a Lululemon lover now. (I do, however, have this weird internal guilt that I should be working on my lotus pose if I am going to wear their clothes. I'm sure that will pass.)

Have a fabulous Fourth of July weekend everybody!


Margaret said...

I feel the same way about my buffet pants. Even when I'm not actually scarfing down loads of tapioca pudding, I feel like I should.

This may or may not be why we don't hang out together on the weekends. Just a guess.

Terril Family said...

I might just have to get me a pair of these. Except for the fact that then I might feel obligated to get out my Jillian Michaels DVD thats been sitting in the cupboard for waaaay too long collecting dust :)

Passelly said...

I am terrible about working out, so I don't own any. But everyone who owns a pair swears by them! Maybe I should start working out just so I can justify the purchase ;)

Meg said...

I love lululemon! I'm sure the pants look great on you.

ynny said...

Cuteness. Lululemon is my bakery's next door neighbor, the girls from the store come in for coffee all the time and I lust after their cute sweatshirts and pants ALL the time (Still never forked over the dough for them though). I too love their little logo. What a sweet sister you have. Happy Fourth, M.C.! Love you!

Brenda said...

You crack me up! Wear 'em to the reunion so I can see them!

Meg said...

you are so cute. i miss you and wish we could be wearing our ll's together for the fourth:) love your face!!