Monday, July 25, 2011

mixing metaphors

Both Kristin and Heather pointed out that I got the metaphor wrong yet again in my last post. (And that's why Kristin is a journalist and I'm not--I've always been terrible at checking the facts.)

Of course, I still like my version better. Selling ice to an Eskimo? I picture some dude with a bag of ice from 7-11. Selling an igloo to an Eskimo? I picture an adorable little family with a toddler and one on the way. They are all in matching parkas checking out a quaint little igloo with an iceberg view. My metaphor provides such better imagery.

And I think we are missing the whole point of the post--which is that Nate is very talented.

Speaking of talent, we saw Captain America this weekend (Nate and I have been spending a lot of Saturday afternoons at the movies lately and I'm loving it). After the credits there was a trailer for The Avengers next summer. Guess who will be in it? 

Summer 2012 cannot come fast enough.


Margaret said...

Don't worry. You'd be able to sell an igloo to all of us here and back East. Just don't offer home buyer's insurance. :)

Heather Lee said...

eh, I say you say. I liked the igloo metaphore. Like you couldn't sell them an igloo even though it'd be highly useful to have a shelter in the middle of an iceland. So even then they'd rather freeze than buy an igloo from you. It makes sense.

I usually prefer the M.C. spin on things.