Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cause baby you're a firework

Isn't it nice having the entire weekend to celebrate the 4th of July? I seriously don't know what we'll do next year when it is on a Tuesday. And I absolutely love Provo on the Fourth. The weather is perfect and there is pretty much anything you could ever want to do right in your own backyard.

Speaking of backyards, Nate's grandma threw a big family reunion at her house. We played games, watched an outdoor movie, and ate a lot of food. On Saturday we all went on a hike to Stewart Falls. I guess all of the excitement was a little overwhelming because Brielle decided to take a nap on Nate's shoulders. 

That night we went to Stadium of Fire ... well kinda. Nate and I just waited until we could hear Brad Paisley and then he grabbed his longboard and I hopped on my bike. We were right outside the gates in 3 minutes flat. I think I actually enjoyed laying on the grass with Nate more than being inside the stadium. (Of course, if they could get Miley to come back I would probably cough up the cash.) The fireworks show was a little random this year-- to the tunes of Louis Armstrong, Neal Diamond, and Kati Perry. Nate and I decided that no firework show compares to DisneyLand's show. After the fireworks were finished, we got out of there in record time. As we rode past each car we could hear them saying "That's such a good idea." haha only like six years in Provo to figure that one out!

The next day was Nate's mom's birthday. I made this cake. My mom had seen the idea on a blog, but I think I did particularly well with the execution.
At least Macy liked it.

Oh and I made a quilt for Danielle's baby that is due at the beginning of August. I really liked this one. I've decided my choice of fabric has the biggest influence on how my quilts turn out.
I'm not sure why, but Nate and I decided to sign up for the Freedom Run 10k. If that becomes a tradition, then the three-hour nap we took after needs to become a tradition as well. It was pretty fun. Especially when we ran through the parade route. But then they ran out of water for the last 4 miles and I thought I was going to die. They were so excited about all of the medals and shirts and all, but next year they really need to buy more cups!
After our naps we headed over to the Freedom Festival on Center Street. This is Nate eating a taco. We like to eat Mexican food for all American holidays.

Then we headed home for a BBQ with our friends the Steeles. This is us trying to light off some fireworks. 

I thought it was pretty awesome, but Nate wasn't very impressed. So he went and made friends with some neighbors who had some amazing fireworks. Seriously. They were legit. We took video, but that's Nate's department. Maybe if you bug him I'll have something to post in the next day or two. ;)


Amanda S. said...

Your cake and quilt are both beautiful!

Brenda said...

The cake is amazing and of course, so is the quilt! I'll bet Danielle loved it!

Holly said...

I have several comments. They are as follows:

1. I love Stewart Falls. It's such a pretty trail--and the waterfall!

2. You are a genius, thinking about biking around the fireworks traffic! The best Sam and I ever came up with was napping in our car while waiting for the traffic to disappear. I am in awe of your brilliance.

3. I am also in awe of you cake- and blanket-making skills. I've begun cooking somewhat regularly, but it will be a long time until I'm housewifely enough to bake and sew.

4. If you want water throughout the run next year, you'll just need to speed up and beat everyone else to the cups. ;)

That's all. You're welcome.

Margaret said...

Check out those calves! Ow ow! (Ow ow could also mean ouch because they're swollen. :P)

You should blog this on your design blog. That tag on the quilt is super cute.

Markus said...

That quilt rocks! I didn't know you were into that. And the cake looks pretty awesome, too. Way to be domestic, M.C.

Amanda said...

P.S. This is actually Amanda. I hate when I do that.
P.P.S. Provo does rock for the Fourth of July.

Amanda Nemelka said...

You guys are cute. And I didn't know you made quilts. And...I need to know more about these yoga pants.

David and Shalynna said...

Ahhhhh! That cake! That quilt! I'm having a major "I'm not talented" moment right now. You are amazing!!! Can you come move to Cayman (I think that's the plan for us right now) and be my quilting teacher?

That is so cute that your niece fell asleep on Nate's shoulders. Kids are so funny!

Ashley said...

A few things: you are my hero for running a 10K, agree with the Miley comment, love the cake and you quilt?? Teach me!

Sarah C. said...

I just really like you. And I'm feeling sad that we don't live near each other. There it is.

Terril Family said...

Just reading this makes me see how much you really spoiled our family last week. Free rides down the mountain, delicious cake, and the CUTEST baby blanket in the world (now if only I could convince Brielle that it's not hers we would be good). Thanks. Love you guys!

Heather Lee said...

you're a dare devil. I'm even lerie of sparklers. That first photo of Nate and the babydoll asleep on his head is SO precious. I know what you're thinking when you see a photo like that. And it's true. I'm glad you guys had fun setting the streets of Provo ablaze. I also love that you guys can hop on a peddler and be on the Cougs lawn in 3 minutes. Miley has definitely soured her image, maybe it all started when she stole Mariah's mic stand. But there you have it, everything great in Provo in one day. Makes me miss the place. And you guys.

Heather Lee said...

oh and you know what i think when I see that photo of your cake? YOU ARE GOING TO THROW THE BEST BIRTHDAY PARTIES EVER. Can't wait to see your take on Ariel or Lightning McQueen.