Wednesday, June 29, 2011

what's cooler than being cool?

I figured it was time to blog about a few recent happenings. Once the weather improved I couldn't blog about how much I hate the cold any more so I was fresh out of material.

So just pretend our life is like one of those ridiculous reality television shows. Here's what you've missed on Nate & M.C. . . .

My dad called me in May and asked if we wanted to hit the slopes one last time. Leave it to someone from California to actually want to go find snow in May! It actually ended up being a great day of skiing. It's always fun to spend some time on the slopes with my favorite guys.

The next week we headed down to Nevada to go boating with Nate's parents. Yes--one week we were on the ski slopes and the next week we were laying out on the lake. My mom and dad gave me a wakeboard for my birthday back in October and I finally had the chance to use it. It seriously made such a difference for me. I'll be throwing flips in no time.

I went to San Fran twice in one month. (It was a flight booking accident that ended up being pretty awesome.) It wasn't all play though--I helped my sister move for her millionth time. I think she and her husband are going for gypsy status or something. Moving boxes aside, I got to hang out with this munchkin. And we snuck into the city one day to do some sightseeing.

Nate signed up for the Utah Valley half marathon a few months ago. I was pretty impressed with his commitment to training and it seemed to pay off--he beat his goal time by like 20 minutes and was actually smiling as he crossed the finish line. He had run a half marathon earlier in the week in preparation so I think he technically ran a full marathon-- at least according to me.

Last week we got our cowboy on and hit up the Lehi Round Up rodeo. That always makes for some awesome people watching. And we didn't really get our cowboy on because we weren't wearing any boots or hats or belt buckles or wife beaters or anything else attractive like that. But right now I could really go for one of those snow cones the man behind me in the picture is eating.

None of these photos are really that great so I decided that I would jump on the polaroid train (about three years too late). I'm sure you have all heard of Poladroid, but it's kinda awesome. You download it to your desktop and then drag photos over it. It makes this sound like you took a photo and then you have to be patient while it develops. You can even shake it like a polaroid picture. Shake it. Shake, shake, shake, shake it.

You so wish you could've seen my hip action just then.


Margaret said...

This is probably the most hilarious and amazing post ever. Great update!

Now Black Eye Peas is stuck in my head. "Lend me some sugar. I am your neighbor!"

CassAnne said...

you are so much more concise than I am! miss you guys-when is our outing to the chocolate?

Amanda S. said...

Haha! Awesome!

Joanna Galbraith said...

It sounds like you guys have been busy, busy!! I love the warmer months for this exact reason--there's something exciting going on each week!

Brenda said...

Ha ha, I did recognize the polaroid thing - as a Creative Memories consultant for many years, I helped people scrap-book those babies - you can't crop 'em. Fun update.

Heather Lee said...

iiiiiiiiiiice coooooooooold.
No one had said it yet. So I'm original. Even if it was expected.
So I'm totally in to poladroiding ugly photos. Yours aren't ugly. Mine just look cooler in poladroid fashion.
I'm glad that you had a blog burst. I was giggling with your lotus pose comment and lots of other comments.
The only thing I kept thinking during your Lululemon post was, "a pair of pants that's guaranteed for 5 years must take about 5 years to save up for." So I guess I could google this lulu business, but I'm thinking they are spensive. No?
My cousin (she's mine now even though she's really Steve's) only wears Lulu and she's also really in to Tori Burch and designer clothing. So I never felt like I could hang with the lemon.
BUT MAYBE if it will save my marriage, I should give it a shot. When all else fails right?