Monday, April 18, 2011

you steal my sunshine

This last weekend we finally had some really good weather (as in I was actually outside wearing flip-flops without shivering). So Nate and I did what any card-carrying adult would do: spring cleaning. We cleaned out the garage and the shed, mowed the lawn, washed both cars, and even swiffered. (We never swiffer. Don't judge.)

It was amazing. I'm convinced that I am solar powered (this is a nice way of saying that I think I suffer from SAD) because the minute the sun comes out I turn into the Energizer Bunny. Nate finally made me sit down at 9:00 Saturday night.

As I was cleaning out the shed I couldn't stop thinking about how awesome the weather was and how happy it was making me. Then I started thinking about this issue I always have with packing for vacation. Both of our parents live in California and Nevada so it seems like Nate and I are frequently heading to warmer climates. Am I the only person who has such a hard time packing for 80 degrees when it's snowing outside? I seriously can never fathom that in a matter of hours I will be able to walk outside without a coat. It takes complete trust to stop myself from packing tights and boots in the middle of December.

I realized that this is how I have been feeling about life lately. It's like I almost forgot what happiness felt like -- how to not worry or not feel completely overwhelmed. Sometimes life hits you harder than you anticipate and it takes you longer to get your bearings than you expect.

But then one day you feel the sun shine on your face and you are completely content without even trying. Somehow life stops being such a struggle.

For weeks now I've tried all the cliches: counting my blessings, looking for the positive, eating lots and lots of chocolate, indulging in retail therapy, etc.

In the end, all it took was a sunny day.


Danny & Desirae Sommers said...


Brenda said...

I totally agree - when we're struggling and we do all of the stuff we're 'supposed to do', but somehow, it seems to take longer than we think - but it eventually 'happens' (Thank goodness)

David and Shalynna said...

Well, now I'm sad that it's raining today. I want it to be sunny for you all the time if it makes you happy!

Hang in there. It's hard when you have a ton of support when everyone hears about a challenge you are going through and then all of a sudden you feel lonely again. I've been thinking about you.

Here's to more sunshine more often. And what a perfect last name you have. I never thought about how well it suits you! Love you!

Sarah C. said...

You are lovely. That's all there is to it.

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tricia said...

All we need now is a lot more days of consistent more of this on and off again teasing. Hope you are coming on Thursday to quilt night, it has been too long since we have all been there! I miss it.

Margaret said...

I love this post. I wish I could write like you do.

Heather Lee said...

haha I laughed out loud, or lol'd like in your last post when you were talking about your crazy energy and spring cleaning...then in the next sentence were talking about "as [you] were cleaning out the shed"!!!! Hahahahahaa, that is some serious spring cleaning! you make me smile. So maybe I'm M.C. powered. Cute little note. Sunshine is a miracle.
My sister was telling me about someone who was complaining about how California was too cold and the water in the ocean is too cold...and how they just NEED to get to Hawaii, and I about threw up in my mouth.