Tuesday, February 8, 2011

super bowl 2011

Did you watch the super bowl? We did at our house. Although we DVR'd it and kept getting distracted. Nate and I mostly like it for the commercials. There were so many awesome ones this year. 

My favorite commercials had to be the Groupon ones. I know that they have been accused of being politically incorrect, but I thought they were hilarious. In my mind, I thought they were making fun of those commercials that ask you to save the children by sending them money (and then like 10% of the money goes to the children). I didn't really feel like they were making fun of the causes themselves. But whatever. I love Groupon. Some of the best deals around. 

If you weren't lucky enough to catch these on Sunday night, here you go:  


Brenda said...

Hilarious! I loved the Pepsi Max one where the wife threw the soda at her husband and he ducked, so the cute jogger got hit. Hahahaha

Heather Lee said...

I only watched half-time:/ What did you think of half-time? I loved it. I don't think anyone gives their best performance at the Super Bowl, but how could you? I bet they can't even hear themselves...but I thought it was really good. Maybe because I love Will.I.AM (the last part of his name sounds familiar?) And I also really like Usher. He's got moves.

Heather Lee said...

Oh and I really like the first and last commercial you just posted.

Holly said...

Haha, nice. I liked Cuba's best. Thanks for posting.

Beth Nicholls said...

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