Thursday, January 20, 2011

What does your Thursday night look like?

My Thursday night is spent at Nate's Aunt Brenda's quilt studio (aka basement). And it's my favorite night of the week.

I hang out with several girls in Nate's family. We chat and sew and it's seriously like our own little "GIRLS ONLY CLUB." I really like belonging to exclusive clubs. 

Brenda has the most amazing quilt studio and she's a really fabulous teacher. Even when I screw up majorly, she just lets me keep working away and I swear no one even notices my mistakes in the end. Plus, it's handmade. Handmade is just the charming word for imperfect, right? That's what I tell myself. Otherwise I would just skip all the hard work and buy a quilt at Pottery Barn or something.

I just finished my second quilt. I made two baby quilts. The first one was really simple and the second was a lot more detailed. I like making baby quilts because they take about half the time and cost about half the price. Plus I figure I'm in the stage of life where I can give them as gifts to pretty much everyone I know.

So here are my two finished products. If you want to "ooh" and "ahh," then feel free to comment below. If you think you can do better, well you're probably right.

And click here to read Brenda's blog. She is an amazing quilter and gives all sorts of fun tips. Her blog was even mentioned in a quilting magazine. And did I mention she teaches me for free? She just does it out of the goodness of her heart and her love for quilting. I'm one lucky girl!

I'm excited to start my third project tonight. It might bear an uncanny resemblance to my second quilt above ;) 


Meredith said...

Yeah, I could totally do better.

Joanna Galbraith said...

NO! You didn't make those! HOW??! Those are the cutest quilts. They're so not grandma-ish. I want to get impregnated so I can demand one of you. I am super jealous of your quilting club. And with family... that makes it 100x better. What a great hobby.

Holly said...

I don't think I could do better, and as such I believe that as a sign of our coworkership you should make me one. I'm sort of overcome with jealousy.

Brenda said...

MC - great job - I love how you photographed your quilts so beautifully and stylishly! And - thank you for your kind comments - Thursday nights ARE fun! (And it's been so great getting to know you better)

David and Shalynna said...

M.C., you are amazing! I had no idea you quilted. Could you get any more talented? Not fair.

For some reason I get really, really jealous of people who can cook well and sew well. Some people covet others' photography skills, some get jealous over body image, but for me I get super jealous of cookers and sewers. Weird, huh. Well, since you are my good friend I'll only be a good kind of jealous!

Heather Lee said...

WAIT. Are those the ACTUAL quilts you made? Not that I would doubt you, they just look perfect! Mass Manufactured...not a stitch out of place:)
LOVE the first one. Keep it keep it! For mini Mary Carol. Then we can pass it down to our grandaughter.

Jeff & Alisha said...

I had a baby ten months ago. Can I demand one? ;)

And as far as handmade and imperfect go--remember Amish country and how the Amish always make sure there is one imperfection in everything that they make because only God makes completely perfect things?

Margaret said...

Hey, you really do make Martha Stewart look bad--not that she doesn't do it herself or anything. But these quilts are kahyooooot!

I've probably got the potential to have 5328946218937289156 babies with all these eggs. Does that merit a request for a quilt or five?

Ashley said...

Um..I want to come to Aunt Brenda's quilting club! Do I have to be related? No, seriously.