Friday, January 21, 2011


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Two years ago Nate sent me a link to something called "Twitter" and he said it was going to be a big deal. It's not that I doubted him, I just thought it seemed unnecessary for me. I definitely wasn't in the market for another social media site to have to maintain. So Nate signed up and I didn't.

Now I am coming to the realization that he was very smart. Not so much because I regret not having a twitter account all of this time, but because I finally went on to start an account and there are no names left. Seriously. Nada.

I keep finding people I am interested in following, but in order to follow I need my own account. I'm afraid I'm going to have to use one of those corny AIM user names like mclovesyou or something. That would be embarrassing if my kids ever found out. I just can't risk it.

I even googled "how to choose a name for twitter." People kept advising me to use my name or my business name -- but both were taken so no dice. Who are all of these people who all of the sudden have the name "Mary Carol"? Where have they been all my life?

So the moral of this rambling is that if you snooze you lose with social media (just ask the Winklevoss twins). Also, listen to your husband.

Oh, and I think everyone should leave their suggestions for my twitter name in the comments section. Hit me with your best shot. If it's genius or completely ridiculous or still available, chances are I'll use it.


SARIE said...

did you try mcsommers? not so creative, but it gets the job done. Brian has always made fun of me for having a twitter account. Now I don't feel so lame cause I have the exact name I wanted!

Nate said...

@natesommers Hate to say I told so but I told you so

Meredith said...

Please use a ridiculous AIM user name! And I have many suggestions for you. I probably shouldn't put them on here, though. I'll get back to you on that one. ;)

Holly said...

What about something like "sommersmc"? Or I have some friends that spell their names backwards. You could be "sremmosmc" or "loracyram" or something. Ok, those are awful. But maybe they'll help you think of something.

I never use Twitter, but I signed up two years and have the name I want, so I'm set if I ever want to use it. You probably should have listened to your husband. ;)

Brenda said...

You know what Stacy would say - "Hammertime". Good luck.

Margaret said...

Here are all words that use the letters of your name:
cemmmorss (this is alphabetical order)

OK. This is not working at all. You need more vowels in your name.

Meg said...

ICICIC-- from Elle:) How about "KingKutz"? See, ask and ye shall receive.

Heather Lee said...

all I know is you better not use my AIM name H2thaEather