Wednesday, January 19, 2011

somebody call the fashion police

One of my favorite shows is "What Not to Wear." It seriously never gets old. I love how people are so unwilling to let go of their bad fashion habits.

I told Nate that I wish they would do a show with people who were already fashion-forward but just needed some refinement. Nate said no one would watch that because the transformation wouldn't be as impressive.  He's probably right, but it started me pondering on the fashion rules I choose to ignore. What would Stacy and Clinton tell me to ditch in my own wardrobe?

It's hard to critique yourself. After all, I picked everything out so I must have at least liked it at some point. And without the 360-degree mirror, how can I really tell what looks good?

It seems like every time someone spouts off advice about style and fashion, there is a rule that is consistently repeated:

I really hate this advice. Why does mixing and matching use your wardrobe the most effectively? I think it is all wrong. I used to try it and do you know what I ended up with? A lot of boring pieces that all could go together but really weren't meant to. And then I would find that "perfect black sweater that goes with everything" and the issue was that it DID go with everything. Thus, it was always dirty. I had five skirts I could wear with it in theory, but only right after laundry day. This whole mixing and matching thing has never been a successful practice for me.

So do you know what I started doing? If I find a skirt I love, I buy a shirt specifically for that skirt (unless I already own something that goes perfectly). Then, whenever I want to wear that skirt, I have something that I can wear with it that I know will look fabulous. I don't have as many "options" as others might have (or think they have), but every option I do have is usable. I know it seems to defy logic, but it works for me.

And it brings me to my next secret -- I wear A LOT of dresses. People always comment on this. They act like it is so hard to wear dresses. But really it's not. With a dress, you only need to pick out a pair of shoes and a piece of jewelry and you are set. It's amazing how much it simplifies your life. A dress always looks pulled together and you can dress it up or down.

Also, I mix black and brown, I wear white after Labor day, I don't match my shoes and my bag, and I really have no idea what fruit shape my body resembles.

Am I the only one who likes to break the traditional fashion rules? Do you have fashion rules you choose to throw out the window? Are you guys going to report me to Stacy and Clinton? Actually, a chance to shop with their money for a week in New York? I could definitely be okay with that!


Meredith said...

AD and Mom once nominated me for What Not to Wear. I'm not sure why. I'm the most fashionable person ever.

Charity said...

I personally have always admired your fashion sense. You do always look put together and cute and just... good. :) You look good, girl.

My friends used to say they were going to nominate me for the show. That may seem rude, but I did have an interesting taste in clothes back in the day. Mostly coming from D.I. Mostly chosen after thinking "Oooh, that's weird." or "Oooh, that's so ugly it's cute." So you can't blame them. I acted offended, but secretly I would have loved to go on the show. Spend 5000$ on a new wardrobe? Sign me up, please.

Oh, and yes! That is my etsy shop. It's brand new, and I am obsessively checking it to see if I've had any sales. I gotta chill out. But I'm having fun with it, so that's what matters.

Meg said...

you can call the fashion police on me. instead of ditching the yoga pants i've just upgraded to more expensive ones to make myself feel better... ha. i'm sure stacy would have a field day with me right now... but then i'd be sure to say something about her skunk hair. why has no one ever come back with a comment about the skunk hair?!

Heather Lee said...

I haven't watched that show in a while because for a long time, while I thought they looked much better, I always felt like they looked like they walked out of Ross...but instead of spending $10 on a blouse they spent $1000 and I couldn't handle it.
I am an interesting case. I have a hard time with the "out with the old" and so I'm resistent to the idea that my un-tailored clothes from college can't always be re-invented.
I also don't know how I'm supposed to grow my style up. I've sort of come around to the idea since the 14 year-old miamaids are copying me. I've just started shopping at more expensive mom stores and buying 100% materials instead of blends. You know, the stuff that needs to be dry cleaned.

Heather Lee said...

oh, and also...I have always said, "fashion isn't always flattering," and while it's true (I think) it probably should be. Flattering that is.