Thursday, January 6, 2011

shave and a haircut

or a yo-yo

what? your husband doesn't keep a yo-yo in his shave kit? strange.

I found this in our bathroom one morning while I was getting ready. It's Nate's shave kit he brings with us when we travel. It seriously made me laugh so hard when I saw the bright pink yo-yo tucked in there between hair gel and a tooth brush. Who couldn't add a little yo-yoing to their morning routine?

Of course, my niece Elle called this particular yo-yo a "ball." Anything that is even remotely round is "ball" to her. Sometimes I wish things in my life could be that simple.

When I was little I always wondered why my parents didn't have any toys in their room. What did they do for fun?!?! To me, toys equaled fun. Maybe that's why Nate and I had a Nerf fight last night. (Or maybe it's because we're going stir crazy in these freezing temperatures.) After running around the house dodging bullets for quite some time, Nate kissed me and thanked me for play time. {Which I would like to note was NOT his response when I sprayed him with silly string the other day.}

Sometimes I feel like I'm getting old (I know several of you just rolled your eyes). But then I spend an afternoon getting all caught up in a Disney movie (have you seen Tangled?!?!) or playing with some old school toys, and I realize I'm still a little girl at heart and this world is just one big ball for me to explore.


Margaret said...

You guys are the cutest! I can't imagine how Tony would respond if I shot him with a Nerf gun. Probably with indifference. Maybe we need to have more kid's toys around the house like you guys do. The Rubik's cube doesn't seem to cut it at this point. :)

Holly said...

When we got married, I brought the money into our marriage while Sam brought the Nerf guns. I'm not ashamed to admit to having more than once rearranged the furniture into forts to more adequately battle it out.

And Tangled? To die for. I keep trying to think of a way to legitimately see it again, since I'm too impatient for the DVD.

Amanda S. said...

I'm imagining Nate yo-yo-ing with one hand while brushing his teeth with the other . . . please tell me this is what really happens.

Danny & Desirae Sommers said...

That is what I love about Nate and Danny. Still little boys at heart and I can usually play along with them or by myself. One day, I gave the kids all a nerf gun and said last man standing wins. I WON!! Of course I made sure I had the better semiauto nerf gun. I felt it was fair. Okay, I don't like to lose.