Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pandora and her box

So do you guys listen to Pandora? It's my favorite thing ever. I've never been very good about organizing my  iTunes or charging my iPod so Pandora has become my best friend.

Except for recently. She won't stop playing Colbie Caillat. I'm not sure why. I can type in any artist and Pandora plays Colbie. Ingrid Michaelson? Colbie. Michael Jackson? Colbie. Beatles? Colbie.

And every time one of her songs comes on, I give it a "thumbs down." Well, Colbie is not deterred by rejection because she just keeps coming back. In fact, I gave her a "thumbs down" yesterday and the very next song was Colbie! My friend Meredith thinks that Pandora is playing a joke on me. I don't find it very funny.

The other day Nate was making fun of me because I hate that song "Firework" by Katy Perry. (No, Katy, I never feel like a plastic bag. Worst. Metaphor. Ever.) Nate said he can't understand how I can love Taylor and Miley and not care for Colbie or Katy. I told him I don't understand the question.

In completely unrelated news, last night I had to take the trash can to the curb. Seems simple enough, right? But there was like 4 feet of snow surrounding the trash can so the only way to get it to the curb was by moving my car. I moved my car (leaving it in the middle of the street), quickly wheeled the trash to the curb, got back in my car . . . and it was stuck. Would not budge. It was being completely stubborn. After about an hour, Nate's uncle finally had to come help me move it. I then texted Nate "I hate Utah." I seriously would've sold our house for $100 last night I was so completely frustrated. When I finally came back inside, I found Colbie  rocking out on my Pandora.

[Except not really. But wouldn't Colbie's "Fallin' For You" have been the perfect ending?]


Meredith said...

Oh man, you should have made us believe Colbie was really playing when you got back from your garbage can ordeal. I died laughing. A little sad that that wasn't actually true. And don't worry, even after this post Colbie still loves you!

Glo said...

I love this post, my pandora wouldnt stop playing santa baby at christmas time, do you know how many stupid versions of that song there are?!

Ashley said...

Okay, seriously you cannot even compare Katy and Colbie with Miley and Taylor. The subject matter of the songs may be similar but it is just way different. I hear you.

Also, it is very obvious we have similar taste in music because I have the same problem. I bet we have the same station preferences.

Amanda S. said...

Pandora seems obsessive about certain artists, I've noticed. Darn that Pandora.

Meg said...

So I just told Scott yesterday that I HATE the beginning of Katy's firework song. It totally got phoned in... stuff like that makes me miss you so much:(

Brenda said...

Ha Ha Ha!! Sorry about the stuck thing - I don't "Pandora" much - I'm a die hard iPod lover!!!!

Charity said...

Ha ha, oh man you made me giggle. There must be some kind of evil Colbie-Callais-loving ghost in your machine. You should give her a thumbs up - use some reverse psychology on the ol' Pandora.

My favorites to put into Pandora are Kate Nash and A Fine Frenzy :)