Friday, December 31, 2010

too much resolve

So I know that last year I blogged about how I never make resolutions in January. It's mostly because I find it a depressing time of year so adding unaccomplished goals to the dreariness seems like a miserable proposition. Well about a week ago, I was struck with some sudden motivation. I started thinking about all of the areas of my life where I would like to improve. Before that motivation could dwindle, I opened up a Word document and began typing out some of my lofty aspirations (things like "finally update to Google Chrome").

I just opened the document and it is over two pages. The goals remain in their daunting single-spaced, size 11, Calibri typeface. However my ambition seems to have waned. (By the way, what made Microsoft make the switch to the new font with Office? For years it was Times New Roman size 12. I always wonder what goes into decisions like that.) Anyway, I'm thinking that I should save my list of goals for April. Things always seem much more hopeful that time of year.

Does anyone else struggle with making goals as much as me? I guess my struggle isn't necessarily with making the goals, but with deciding which goals to pursue and which goals to place on the back burner. I think it's difficult to strike a balance between motivating myself to improve and being happy with where I am currently. I seem to vacillate a lot between Type A and free spirit.

Last night Nate and I were talking about this a little. We have a lot of dreams. (I think I just decided that I prefer dreams to goals; goals sounds too much like a required writing assignment from your high school teacher.) Sometimes it is really hard to know which ones to tackle with all our ambitions and which ones to let go for the moment. I say for the moment because hopefully there will come a time for each of our dreams.

I think the most difficult task is to place to the side a dream that you have worked really hard to accomplish. I think it takes a lot of faith to know that at some point that dream will still become a reality. Timing is a funny thing in life. It never seems to go the way we had planned, but it always seems to work out better than we had hoped.

I'm not just trying to be optimistic; I truly believe that. Sometimes we just have to thank God for unanswered prayers before we can see the perfectly lighted, carefully edited, beautiful, big picture.

Enjoy your last day of 2010! We're hoping to spend it on the slopes so we can finally enjoy all of this snow that has been forced upon us. {That makes me wonder--perhaps our resolution for 2011 really should be to move back to California. That is a resolution that would be easy to support in January.}

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Margaret said...

If you go to California, can I come with you until the snow melts? Pretty please? (Have you watched Despicable Me yet? "The physical appearance of the 'please' does not affect my decision.")

Nic was talking about this the other day. He said, "If I make a goal to do anything, I just do it. I don't wait until the new year." And I agree with that. I love passing by Gold's Gym the first week of January. It's packed! And then, as the months wane on, so do the patrons. Funny, huh?