Sunday, November 28, 2010

Too much to be thankful for ...

I don't even know where to begin. Life is good. Right now I am loving life in our little home. The house is completely clean and we have put up all of our Christmas decorations (this is the first year for outdoor lights for us -- woohoo!). Outside is completely covered in snow, but today Nate and I got to go to church, make sugar cookies, visit with some of his family at his gma's house, and eat turkey noodle soup (thank goodness for tgiving leftovers). I feel like all I have done this entire break is cook -- which I am completely happy about. I'm not sure what it is about being home with some good music playing and measuring, mixing, and cooking that makes me so happy and relaxed. 

Of course, I'm having a hard time relaxing about all of the butter I used in the last five days -- 2 whole pounds! I did, however, make our entire Thanksgiving dinner from start to finish (and brownies and cookies for some others that we didn't consume) so that's a good excuse for a lot of the butter. You are going to think I'm crazy, but cooking the entire Thanksgiving feast has always been a dream of mine -- I don't have a very exciting bucket list. I felt very accomplished after the whole thing was done. So accomplished, in fact, that I took a very long nap. But seriously ... all of the food was ready at the same time and we only have one oven. Not trying to brag here, I was just really ecstatic about that. I never could have done it were it not for all of the years watching my mom. She beats Martha any day of the week.

You want to see pictures? What?!?!? I have pictures?!?! I know! I was feeling very generous considering it's the holidays and all :) Luckily while I was cooking away in the kitchen, Nate was snapping some proof of my creation (and it's a good thing because we were done in like 20 minutes flat).

Centerpiece: So I came up with this really good idea for a centerpiece the night before Thanksgiving. I went to like four stores asking if they had any plastic pumpkins. I was actually laughed at! However, if I'd wanted candy hearts for my centerpiece I would've been just fine. This centerpiece was my first runner up created from some decorations I already had. I guess my great idea will just have to wait until the next time I host.

 Ferguson Family Traditional Turkeys (aka See's Chocolate Turkeys): I like these guys so much better than the real turkey. And it's a known fact that the head tastes better than the rest of the turkey.
 Place Setting: I am being very thorough here. Nate had lots of time to take pictures. Don't worry; I removed the leaves from the glasses before I poured our Martinellis.
My 12-lb. Turkey: We get a free turkey from Nate's work and this was the smallest one he could find. So, I did what any American would do and roasted him up. Does anyone else get sad when cooking the turkey?

The Whole Deal: I kept trying to cut dishes out, but in the end I just felt we had to do the entire thing. We had turkey, stuffing, rolls, yams, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and apple pie. And yes, those rolls in the lower left corner are the size of your head.

Happy Thanksgiving! Love, Nate and M.C.


Heather Lee said...

wow, you make this mama of two proud! I loved all the attention you put into your place settings! So cute. I love when I see stuff like this. It inspires me. I actually am excited to host a Thanksgiving. Even if it's just for my family of 4.
I especially love the last photo...because from what I can tell about the angle...and the number of place settings...that was taken courtesy of the camera timer! Love the "cheers." I made everyone "cheers" before we could eat (mind you we were at someone else's house, but I didn't spend $10 on Martinelli's for nothing) so I was hoping Steve would give the toast, but he was too I had to. And I had to think on the spot. Not a good thing for this scattered brain of mine.
Anyway, back to you. I hope you had a great toast, and I love the sees turkey tradition. Good work M.C., well done.

Brenda said...

Looks great! It is wonderful to be home cooking with music on - planning in your head and just enjoying your house - glad you had an opportunity AND everything turned out great!

Margaret said...

You have pictures? It's a Thanksgiving miracle! You probably never post them because you'd have to copyright all the pictures so that Better Homes and Garden won't steal them.

My contribution was a cheese ball and monkey bread. Even though I had one oven, they were not done at the same time. In fact, the monkey bread wasn't even ready for dinner.

You make Thanksgiving look too glamorous.

Joanna Galbraith said...

I cannot believe you did all that cooking!!! You are amazing. Seriously, my jaw dropped when I read this post. You are super woman.

Don't you love this time of year? Even if BYU does lose, it's hard to not be happy!!!

Passelly said...

wow! Everything looked amazing!

Tolman Family said...

Beautiful dishes! I LOVE the turkey pan!

Ashley said...

This is so cute M.C.!! I hope we see you at the company Christmas party this week!!

Sarah C. said...

It looked like an amazing success! Congrats!