Friday, July 9, 2010

love + basketball

Did you hear about LeBron? Because I did. I heard all about him. I even watched "The Decision," which was the melodramatic name ESPN decided to give his press conference. And he ended up deciding to go hang out with his friends Dwayne and Chris in Miami. It sort of reminds me of the time in elementary school when my best friend and I promised each other we would grow up to marry twin brothers and be next-door-neighbors. Except for the millions of dollars thing. I guess I dreamed too small.

Speaking of childhood dreams, have you seen Toy Story 3 yet? It was amazing. I cried and laughed and had an intense desire to go to the toy store. My favorite part of the entire movie was Ken and Barbie. Nate and I can't stop quoting Ken. He was amazing. Like when he and Barbie met and he said "It's like we were made for each other." That kind of connection can't be feigned.

I've never agreed with the argument that young girls shouldn't play with barbies because they contribute to body image issues. When I was a little girl, I didn't pay nearly as much attention to Barbie's physical attributes as her corvette, dream house, and fabulous wardrobe. Why can't I be an astronaut, singer, teacher, vet, and ballerina? And why can't I do it all while wearing heels? Man, Barbie sure does have the life. According to this article, I could live like Barbie for $4,000 a night. Screamin deal, huh?

Luckily for me, there is a cheaper (and closer) solution. At the end of our street there is a shaved ice stand. The other night Nate and I decided to stop for a treat after playing some tennis. Before I got up to the front, I had decided to order a mixture of cotton candy and bubble gum. Nate says I have the taste of a four-year-old. I love sprinkles and frosting and anything that you could purchase at a carnival. Meanwhile, back at the shaved ice stand, we get up to the front and check out the menu. Evidently my combination already existed. Among "Sunrise Surprise" and "Ocean Potion," my shaved ice of choice was listed as "Beach Barbie."

And I enjoyed every last bite.


Margaret said...

Do you think authentic Barbie people live at the Barbie Suite?

Lots of people are mad at Lebron's decision. I think he just created the most amazing team ever with D-Wade and Bosh (that is, if they pass the ball to each other).

Amanda S. said...

I like this post mucho.

I played with barbies for way too long.

Danny & Desirae Sommers said...

You are so cute!!! I love the little girl in you. Don't ever let that go. It makes you a better mom.

Heather Lee said...

Hey, Holland orders Barbie shaved ice as well! We go more off of color, and less off of flavor. But still. You can lower your taste-age to 2 1/2!!!!

Heather Lee said...

Also, have you seen Shrek Happily Ever After? OR Shrek 4? Or Shrek the Last Chapter...or whatever the title may be.
It is excellent. I have been taking Holland and Graham to the movies like a mad woman. I loved both Toy Story 3 and Shrek 4.
Best line in Shrek 4, "Do the roar. Do the Roar...I love you dad." Listen for it.

Meg said...

I hope Elle and I can visit you soon. She needs you to introduce her to Barbie Shave Ice!

Meg said...

M.C., thanks so much for the job suggestion! I'll most definitely look into it. I can use whatever I can get on the job hints. :) Hope you and Nate are doing well!