Thursday, June 10, 2010

Last night we had BBQ'd chicken (from our new grill), edamame, and grilled peaches. It all tasted like summer. Why is it so much easier to cook amazing yet simple food in the summer?

Yesterday ended up being a surprisingly good day. Nate Google chatted me about 9 am and asked if I wanted to join him for a seminar. Luckily my boss was totally down with me taking off work for the afternoon (which isn't always so easy in the summer months). I was excited about the speakers, but I was really excited to spend a work day with Nate :)

The line-up of speakers was pretty awesome: Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, and Apolo Ohno were just a few. [Yes the speakers swung a little to the right but this is Utah after all.] Sarah Palin was pretty annoying and Apolo Ohno had less than 30 seconds of wisdom in his entire presentation.

BUT Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney were both awesome. The advice they offered wasn't too earth shattering, but listening to the experiences of those two men was extremely engaging. I had read about Giuliani's success in decreasing crime in New York before, but I loved hearing about his experience with 9/11. He spoke a great deal about preparation. He said that when we prepare, we only need to apply our preparation during a crisis. It's difficult for me to imagine a crisis that would be larger than 9/11. He said that he had about 20 minutes to come up with a strategy and begin reacting to the situation. 20 minutes! I think most people would have been immobilized by the pressure he experienced. He said that he was able to get everyone united by explaining that they had already done everything they needed to accomplish, just under different circumstances.

Then Mitt Romney discussed business strategies as well as a little bit of politics. He seems so down-to-earth to me -- with a calm yet motivated demeanor. He discussed focusing your efforts on aspects of your life that aren't subject to luck -- your faith, your marriage, and your family. Giuliani's secrets to success were (1) reading, (2) listening, (3) debating, (4) writing, and (5) thinking. Romney's secrets to success were (1) getting a life, (2) taking opportunities as they are presented to you, (3) focusing on your strengths, (4) figuring out what's important in your enterprise and doing it, and (5) focusing on making the grass greener on your side of the fence. Like I said, nothing too earth shattering, but their advice intertwined with their experiences made for some really great presentations.

One of the other presenters was Zig Ziglar. I had never heard of him, but Nate said that he was a really famous motivational speaker. He actually had an accident a few years ago and suffered memory loss. As a result, his daughter now interviews him on stage to keep him on track. It was pretty funny because every question she asked him he would somehow find a way to work in how lucky he was to have married his wife, or in his words, "his American Express that he never leaves home without." He kept pointing to her in the audience and saying how he was successful because of her. At the end, his daughter asked what his final words of advice were. He first said, "My wife will never leave me because if she does I will just follow her." His daughter said that wasn't what he usually said and then he responded, "I was trying to say that in life you always need the home court advantage -- never stop courting your spouse." His daughter was getting a little frustrated because that obviously wasn't the advice he usually gave. She kept saying, "Dad, you already said that." He then replied, "You're right, but those people over there weren't listening!" hahaha The audience was rolling, but I thought it was pretty amazing that a man who could have talked about so many areas he had been successful in, only wanted to talk about the success of his marriage.


Meg said...

Man, where does Nate work? I would have loved to hear Mitt speak. That Zig guy sounded pretty interesting too. The comments about his wife were cute. Lucky you! :)

Brenda said...

Wow, you take good notes! Sounds like a fun time with the hubby!

Danny & Desirae Sommers said...

Danny always has said if I leave him he will come too. Funny to hear another man say it.

Jeff said...

I couldn't be any more jealous, though I might have taken a bathroom break during Palin's speech.

Sarah C. said...

Please update your blog so I can have something to read while I should be lesson planning but am not.

Thank you. and regards.

trudy...{and jamo} said...

wow. cool!

i don't really have any books or anything about emergency preparedness...but when i went to enrichment night i took these notes(and she suggested books):

i hope that helps!

oh, grilled peaches sound soooooooo good!