Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So tonight I finally made it over to Barnes and Noble. It was wonderfully relaxing to peruse the shelves and shelves of books. It was pure bliss.

I found lots of new books to add to my wish list. And boy did I find the book for all of you: Crocheting Lingerie.

I am dead serious. And I kinda understand. I mean a sweater is too big of an undertaking and lingerie is definitely a smaller piece of clothing.

BUT WHAT THE?!?! I can fairly confidently say that there are few things on the planet that are less sexy than crocheted lingerie. My mind keeps coming up with visions of old women. There are some unlucky men out there.

And I'm guessing there are even fewer women getting lucky with crocheted lingerie.


Brenda said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I've seen crocheted bikinis, so I guess lingerie couldn't be far behind! I love B&N too - although my problem isn't 'adding to my wish list', it's whipping out my debit card and spending $100!

Ashley said...

Yuck. and itchy.

Amanda S. said...

Hahaha. This made me think of Sarah knitting at her desk, and imagining her knitting/crocheting lingerie is a priceless image! (Especially to give to her missionary friend.)

Meg said...

So you just need to be creative... don't crocheted items usually have holes... maybe they are strategically placed with the lingerie. I could have saved a lot of money making lingerie for everyone's bachelorette parties.. hee, hee. So check out the adorable pics of you & Elle on my blog. She misses her amazing Aunt MC... I mean, is there a better, more fun aunt in the world. We heart Coco... and Uncle Nate.