Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My mom says I don't post enough pictures. I feel bad, but I just hate carrying a camera around. Plus it's awkward when it's just Nate or I in a picture because we don't have anyone else there to take it. So I posted a picture of the new shoes I bought while down in California. Aren't they fabulous? They looked so good with my freshly pedicured feet that I couldn't pass them up -- even though it will be months before they get to make their debut up here in Utah.

Since Nate had to go away on business (that sounds way too grown up for my liking), I decided to head down to California for the weekend as well. Although working in education doesn't always have the highest paycheck, I do get Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. day off. And since Nate was working down in Anaheim, I got to see him for a night.

I also got to go garage saling in Laguna Beach. I picked up two water colors for our new house. Nate says they look like a little kid did them. I guess I am easily impressed after my BYU water color class where the teacher said he loved my abstract technique -- and I was NOT trying to be abstract.

Unfortunately my dad was not feeling well and we actually had a tornado warning because the storm was so bad down there. The people on the news kept telling us to go to our basement. (When was the last time a home in California had a basement?) Therefore, I spent most of my time down there eating good food and catching up on DVR with my parents. And I did manage to get a little shopping done because there is no where in the world better to shop than California ... well maybe there are lots of places like Paris and New York, but California beats Utah every day of the week.

Also, my mom and I scoured lots of decorating pictures while I was down there. I'm getting so excited about this house I can hardly stand it. I can't believe I actually get to decorate my own home. I have loved design from the time I was a little kid and used to help my mom around our house -- I would seriously stay up all night rearranging furniture. Today I was reading a blog and they were talking about this one designer, Barbara Bestor. She has basically coined the term Bohemian Modern. I have always had this strange design style, but I've never known what to call it. I guess Bohemian Modern is defined as "a mixture of modern design elements with vintage California styles from the 60’s to the early 90’s," aka M.C. Sommers. But don't worry-- I won't be using any peach and forest green from the early 90's. Man those were the days!

xoxo M.C.


Danny & Desirae Sommers said...

You are the cutest! I am so happy Nate found you. You are a treasure!

Brenda said...

Love the shoes. Can't wait to see the house!