Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pictures, dishes, and socks
It's our whole life down to one box

Right now I wish our whole life could fit in one box. I've actually run out of boxes and there are still lots of pictures, dishes, and socks to pack. Looks like I'm headed to Home Depot.

So Nate and I were buying this house. Everything had worked out perfectly. In fact a little too perfectly. I was trying really hard not to be cynical, but you know when you just have that feeling? Like something HAS to go wrong? Well unfortunately I was right. There's hope for us yet, but we have to be out of our apartment on Monday and we definitely won't have wrapped up this house deal by then.

So I guess this Thanksgiving we should be grateful to Grandma Sommers who is going to let us hang out at her house until we get this whole "home sweet home" situation figured out. Here's to the life of a squatter!


Mike Danielle and Macy said...

Sorry to hear that things are not going as planned with your house. From one squatter to another... looks like we'll be roomies next week at Grandma Sommers house.

Brenda said...

Wow - it never seems to be too smooth! We squatted at Grandma's house for a week or so when we moved here from CA.

Glo said...

Awful! We had issues with moving apartments and we were homeless for a few days and it was the worst, I am glad you at least have your grandma! Hope everything works out...where are you trying to move?