Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"I'm not home, but my shoes are. Leave them a message."
Carrie, Sex and the City

Okay... I had no idea that no one knows what a kitten heel is (Shalynna-- you wore them every day freshmen year!). I guess when you are short like me you learn your heels very quickly.

First there is the stiletto heel which is probably what you think of when you think of high heels. It is the insanely tall, skinny one (it doesn't have to be crazy tall, it just usually is). It makes your legs look the longest and is perfect with skirts and dresses (especially pencil cut). Sometimes you can pull them off with jeans or pants if your outfit is dressy enough (i.e. do not wear them with American Eagle jeans and a shirt from the gap).

There are other heels similar to the stiletto that have heels of different widths, but I'm not really sure what these are called. For example, there are pumps which are thicker and generally much shorter. These are good for when you need a little more support because it is difficult to wear a stiletto all day-- believe me I try! But be careful, sometimes they can look a little grandma-ish.

Then there are platforms. When I think of these, I think of Spice Girls. However, it really just means that the entire shoe is raised by a certain height (so there is a "platform" under the toe instead of just a higher heel). These can look trashy if they aren't done right (which is probably true of stilettos too).

Then there is the wedge. This heel never breaks away from the shoe, but it is on an angle. This is my favorite because it has all of the benefits of the stiletto but is much easier to walk in. It's a little more chunky, but if you get it with the right straps, it still looks super feminine. (Also, the wedge above is actually a platform wedge because it is raised under the toe-- so you can have combinations.)

Finally, there is the kitten heel. This has just a little baby heel on the shoe. It's hardly noticeable (less than 2" usually), but helps your posture and gives you that little extra umph. These look best with pants. Sidenote: These were actually made popular by Audrey Hepburn so you know they have to be good!

The above information is just what I have picked up over the years so if something is incorrect, I'm sorry. If you need more information, you should probably ask my sister, Megan. She's much better at this stuff than me. In other fashion news, Gossip Girl starts next week. Ya, the show that single-handedly brought back headbands. Oh and Project Runway is currently in full force and it's awesome as always. Just a few shows to add to my usual What Not to Wear obsession.

Okay I'm going to stop there at the risk of turning this into one of those fashion blogs (which I love to stalk, but would never be able to write for). Ciao for now!


Lauren Kay said...

I don't think I've ever commented on your blog before. Hm. I love it though. And I especially loved this post. I had no idea people didn't know what kitten heels were until last week! How could people not know? It's tragic really.

David and Shalynna said...

That's what kitten heels are! :) Actually, I'm wearing some leopard ones right now which makes them even more kitten-like.

I really need to email you to get together. Sorry it's taking so long-getting back into school has taken most of my energy. But, I want to see you soon!

Meg said...

So I love any post that starts with a quote from CB. I think Elle and I need to take a pic in headbands to kick off GG next week... do you think she will find Chuck Bass oddly attractive as well? loves.