Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Does this make me look fat?

I'm not really one for diets. Mostly because I have very little willpower when it comes to food. However, I am constantly trying to cook healthier. I really like using fresh ingredients and actually cooking our meals so I know EXACTLY what goes into them.

A few weeks ago, I was watching Project Runway and a commercial for a show called Cook Yourself Thin came on. I don't really know what made me want to check it out, but I did and boy am I glad. It's based off of the cookbook Cook Yourself Thin. Three women take common meals and make them with fewer calories. They use a lot of spices and fresh ingredients. I hadn't wanted to blog about it until I had a chance to try out some of the recipes in case they weren't as good as they looked on television, but I have tried them and I am a believer.

If you go here, you can get all of the recipes and watch the shows with the cooking demonstrations. We have tried the Thai peanut noodles (I added shrimp), the enchiladas, and the chicken tenders and coleslaw. So far everything has been really good... except the tartar sauce you make with the chicken tenders had a weird consistency (which may have definitely been my fault), but you don't really need it because the chicken is really good on its own.

And the real test? I did an experiment and didn't tell Nate that it was healthy when I made the Thai peanut noodles. After he ate it, he said, "Let's put this on our list of recipes to make again." Ya it's good stuff.


Passelly said...

Thanks for this post. I checked out that website and the recipes look delicious! I'm trying the chicken Parmesan with the zucchini noodles tonight! YUM!

sarah marie. said...

hey mc! i stopped doing hair for now but i'm sure i'll start again so let me know next time you're in need..

Danny & Desirae Sommers said...

SOOOOO jealous!