Monday, July 20, 2009

If Blogging were a sport...

I think it would be a winter sport. I just can't stand sitting inside on the computer when I can be outside enjoying the sunshine :) Of course, blogging on my break at work? That's another story.

You know how people always ask you what your hobbies are? I used to never know what to say. I'm not really a scrapbooker (I know, I know. A Mormon girl who doesn't like to scrapbook? Blaspheme!) and I'm terrible at music and I can't draw and stamp collecting seems a little outdated and when I say I like to read and write it's just so predictable. Then a few years ago I realized what one of my favorite hobbies is: cooking. I really love it. It's not just the cooking; I love the presentation of the food, too. I must get this from my mom. After Nate had come home with me a few times, he asked me if my mom always entertained or if she was just doing it while we were there. I hadn't even noticed the "entertaining." It just seems like we always had people over for dinner growing up and my mom always had a way of making everything look beautiful.

Sadly, I don't have a ton of time to cook during the week. I mean I try to cook dinner, but I don't have a ton of time to really cook and enjoy myself. That is why I love Sundays. I can spend a lot more time preparing the food and getting the table how I like it. I was so excited this weekend because Nate and I found king crab legs on sale at the grocery store. Crab legs are my favorite and I decided to make a meal just like my favorite restaurant in California-- The Crab Cooker. If you ever find yourself in Newport, you HAVE to try it. The plastic (that's right-- plastic) flatware doesn't match, the waitresses are all over 40, and for dessert you get salt water taffy. It's a completely California atmosphere and the fish is TO DIE FOR!

So I decided to make a little Crab Cooker in the middle of Orem, complete with crab legs and melted butter, tomatoes, and potatoes (sadly there was no salt water taffy). It was amazing. Nate and I made a huge mess and it smelled like fish in our apartment (which I can't say I minded), but we both couldn't stop smiling and laughing (or eating). Nate asked if we could have crab every night. So glad I found a boy who loves his shellfish as much as I do.

Here are a few pictures from the fun. (Please notice Nate's "bib")


Brenda said...

So fun! I enjoy cooking too, especially now that I have more time-I think that makes all of the difference!

Meg said...

Looks good! My Nate loves crab too. I'm the same way with salmon, I wish we could have it every night. :)

ynny said...

I love this post. You really DO have an git for entertaining, I was always amazed and aware of it during our Santa B years- girls' night, mocktail parties, birthday parties, everything you did, you did WELL.