Wednesday, June 10, 2009

C is for, Dinner?

The other night I was really tired when I got home from work. Nate was sitting at the kitchen table working on something and I figured it was probably about time I figured out something for dinner. I went to our pantry and sitting right in front of me was one of those bags of pre-made cookie dough. I grabbed it and when Nate saw, he said, "Good call." That was our dinner.

I was telling my mom about it on the phone the next day and she said something I never would have expected, "Don't you just love being a grown-up? I was just telling dad that now that you guys are out of the house we can eat whatever we want. We can eat just one thing if we'd like. No more balanced meals for us."

hahaha... like mother like daughter I suppose.

Still no sign from baby Elle. I'm growing rather impatient so I'm sure Megan is dying right about now. Luckily that little girl is worth the wait.

So random, but... where do all of you girls shop? I go to the mall and just wander aimlessly. I feel like all of the stores are for teenage girls. I'm sick of everything in neon colors. And all of the skirts are the wrong length this year. Modesty aside, the A-line skirt like four inches above the knee is not attractive on anyone. I just really wish that I could find something that is girly and well-made.

I was getting ready for church the other day and I asked Nate if he liked what I was wearing. It wasn't a trap. I promise. He said he didn't think my jacket and dress went together just right. I started to cry. The thing was, I knew he was right. I changed. He made a good call. Thank goodness for husbands who tell us the truth and then deal with the tears.

Where on earth do people find cute stuff that they don't have to wear like ten layers with? I'm so sick of people just telling me to put a Shades shirt under something or wear a sweater over it. I just want to buy one article of clothing thank you very much! And it's impossible to shop at any of those modesty stores because they make like three articles of clothing every season (that don't fit very well by the way) and then every girl in your ward goes out and buys it.

My dressing room experience has become a checklist:

Does it fit?
Is it modest? (i.e. will I only have to wear one shirt under and one cardigan over)
How much does it cost?
And finally...
Do I even like it?

By the end of the shopping trip it usually turns into, "Can I stand it?" which generally leads to lots of returns. It's not that I really mind modesty. I actually think it's a pretty good idea. I just wish it were more readily available in more options of my personal style. I'm starting to see why Mormon women get a bad reputation for being frumpy--it's really not our fault. It takes a lot of time to hunt for cute clothes that are not only modest, but look good on your particular body shape, are your style, and are in your price range. I'd like to see Stacy and Clinton solve all those dilemmas!

I'm thinking it's about time I start making my own clothing... that could be very interesting ;)


Meg said...

I like Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft. Do you ever find stuff there in the Petite Section? So the one nice thing about pregnancy is that it makes getting dressed pretty easy. When you find something cute, you buy it... because it's hard to find really cute stuff... and then you have a limited selection of things when you get ready. Plus, there aren't that many stores/ websites so you don't feel like you are searching forever. You either find something or you don't. I wish Scott would go for the cookie idea. We've never even done the cereal for dinner thing. He really likes meals with options... which is ok in the summer when I can do a lot of fruit and corn. We basically have been bar-b-queing every night... which is also so much easier than cooking in the kitchen. My biggest pet-peeve is the clean-up. Ok, going to get dinner started and think I'm going to make the frozen yogurt you told me about... sounds delicious. Loves.

Brenda said...

You are so funny - I love the cookies for dinner -works for me! I see cute clothes in JC Penneys and Macys at the mall. But in reality, I mostly pick up things at Costco and Target! (Although I'm sure I am not one of the "girls" you were asking!)

Colby and Katie said...

oh my goodness. MC I couldn't have put the shopping dilemma better (except, add living in Arkansas...ha.). We have a forever 21 out here and every once in awhile I find something I like, but for the most part I agree, everything is either teenager, way too many layers, or cute but way immodest. Ugh. I will be checking back on your viewer comments hoping to get some shopping places as well. :)

Jeff said...

I couldnt help but laugh as I read your post because I can't count how many times I have heard Passelly say the same thing! Its funny watching her eyes light up when she sees some dress she loves and then I see the slow realization that she can't wear it anymore. She has a goal of opening up a modest store that actually has options and style, maybe you guys can do it together?

Paige said...

SO TRUE!!!! I totally agree with you on the clothes thing...honestly I do most of my clothes shopping out of state when we venture to Cali or Vegas...the selection is just better because they are much larger than Utah.
The main place I do shop in Utah is Nordstroms. I agree the "modesty" stores are just okay- everyone is wearing them around town, they don't carry a large selection and honestly they go a little to far with the modesty bit- some of their shirts are like a dress on me because they have made them extremely long! < Not attractive. Anyways- another store that has cute stuff that is really different is Anthropologie (at the Gateway). Express in another store I shop a lot and can find a lot of cute stuff- plus they send me coupons in the mail that help make it a good price.
If you find any good leads on good clothing stores keep us posted :)

iyouandme said...

Wait, is Elle the name of your sister's baby? I've always wanted a daughter named Elle and now I just found out that a family friend just named their daughter that. I hate baby names for this reason.

Kaela Cusack said...

In order of preference:

Martin + Osa (online-free returns)
Ross/TJ Max
Old Navy
Down East (use sparingly)