Friday, May 1, 2009

pomp & circumstance

Today's the day; Nate is putting on his cap and gown. We are so excited. His family drove up and we are even having a fiesta at his grandma's this evening to celebrate.

I'm so proud of Nate. He is so smart and such a hard worker! I love when he comes home and explains all about his finance class or his marketing projects. Yesterday he took his last finance final and when I came home he was painting. And then I fell asleep to him playing the guitar last night. I feel so lucky to have such a talented husband. It really adds so much to our home.

Con"grad"ulations Nate!!!

p.s. Thank you all for the great "to-do" list suggestions! You are all so much more on top of it than me but hopefully now I will be inspired by your ideas to get myself organized!


Cara said...


It was fun to see you MC at the shower...wish we could see you more often!!!

Annie said...

Congrats to Nate!! The Fiesta sounds like a good time.

I saw some pics of the shower and it looked amazing, good work! I"m sad I couldn't be there.

Let's get together soon. Love ya

Meg said...

I hope the Graduation/ Fiesta was a great time! Excited to see pics of Nate in his cap and gown. I forgot to ask if you had good weather. As for lists, I got this three section square notebook at Target that I love. First section is good for my everyday lists, second section is good for special short-term projects and third section is for other things I need to remember and work on more long-term. Hope that helps with the early alzheimers:>

Cory N' Jenna said...

congrats nate. I wish I was there with you.