Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cause you were all dying to know...

This last weekend was the first weekend in months that Nate and I didn't have a trip, wedding, or some other fabulous plans. I have loved all of the exciting events lately, but I also loved just being able to spend some time catching up on our to-do lists (even though we didn't get very far).

I haven't been very good at posting pictures lately. I enjoy writing on my blog more than posting pictures. However, Megan keeps bugging me to post our pretty little faces so here is what we've been up to the last little bit:

p.s. please excuse the fact that I am wearing the same dress at two different events... embarrassing I know

Easter + County Fair in Logandale

Megan's Baby Shower in California

Stephanie and Brett's Wedding in Logan
Nate's Graduation and Fiesta


Glo said...

You live a very cute life! we need to hang out outside of church someday soon!

Meg said...

so glad that you posted 'your beautiful faces' because I love the pics. You got some great graduation pics of Nate!! Can't believe it's been a year since the engagement... time is flying.

Meg said...

Thanks M.C., and congratulations to Nate! I bet you're so proud. That's awesome that he is done!

Colby and Katie said...

looks like you two have been having fun! And that dress you wore twice ;)...LOVE IT! Ps, what type of camera did you use to take that fancy pic of the dyed eggs? very nice.