Tuesday, April 21, 2009

girls like me

I got to spend this last weekend with my mom, dad, and most importantly, my prego-Mego. She looks absolutely adorable pregnant. She is one of those pregnant girls that is teenie every where except for in her belly-- which we affectionately call her "Elle-bell." We had so much fun hanging out. I hate that she and Scott are in Indiana. Luckily we have our i-cameras ready so we can read bedtime stories to little Elle Scott (isn't that the cutest name? I'm obsessed) once she is born.

My sister and I are so far apart in terms of our ages that it has only been the last few years that we have become close. She left for college while I was still in elementary school so sometimes it's hard for me to even remember living with her while we were growing up. It's funny that even though the time we spent under the same roof was limited, we still share so much. I mean don't get me wrong, Megan and I are VERY different. Sometimes it's hard for me to believe we are sisters. But this weekend I realized how she is really one of the only people who will ever completely understand where I'm coming from.

Nate likes to joke that Megan always has "crusades." I was telling her this and she looked at me and was like "Me? YOU are the one with all of the crusades." I'm not sure what my parents did, but they raised two very strong and passionate girls. My strong beliefs are mostly in regard to education and politics and Megan's are mostly in regard to homeless people/animals and the standards of food preparation at fast food restaurants, but neither of us are scared to make our opinions known. I like it.

I was talking to my mom about getting my Masters. I said that sometimes I wonder if a PhD would actually be better, but that I doubt if I could ever finish it. She just said, "Of course you could." That is how it always was in my family. My parents always supported and encouraged my sister and me in all of our goals. I think it's one of the reasons that both Megan and I ended up marrying very supportive men. When Megan and Scott were first married, she was struggling with something and I watched how he related with her. He was compassionate, but told her that she could do it. He didn't just let her off the hook when things got hard; rather he believed in her and communicated to her that support. I remember thinking to myself that I wanted that in a man. I wanted a man that believed in me.

I definitely have my moments of insecurity, but Nate is always there to support me and let me know that I can accomplish whatever it is I need to. He's kind, but he also pushes me to be better. I love that about him. I always think of the quote from Marjorie Hinckley about her husband, "You've always given me wings to fly, and I've loved you for it." I love Nate for the confidence he has in me and for the way he treats me. When my confidence starts to falter, I can always rely on his.

I can't wait to see what little Elle is like. She's such a lucky little girl to have Scott and Megan for parents. I'm so excited to add another girl to our family-- it seems to be a trend! Hopefully she'll have her mother's brown eyes and fabulous bone structure, but more importantly I hope she will have Megan's strength and passion.


David and Shalynna said...

How exciting! Being an aunt is the best thing (Have you looked at my blog recently?... can you tell I enjoy it?) I'm happy for you. You will definitely spoil her with your cute fashion sense.

I just looked at previous posts of your wedding pictures. You have some of the cutest photos. I love that orchard as a setting and I LOVE your thank-you picture for your thank-you cards.

Miss ya. Can't wait to see each other this fall.

Meg said...

That is such a beautiful post. I teared up. I love you so much and the best part of this past weekend was spending time with you. I could not have even been close to standing by Sunday if it wasn't for you. Here's to being "crusaders"... I adore you!!! Elle is so lucky to have you and Nate.