Wednesday, April 1, 2009


So Nate's graduation is coming up very quickly. This means he has been looking for an internship. In his search he found an ad to become President Obama's intern this summer in DC. We're not exactly huge Obama supporters, but we thought it would be a pretty awesome opportunity for him. Nate had to write a personal essay about why he thought he would be the best person for the job. He talked about how he felt that he could bring a lot to the job because as a Mormon he is from a minority, like Obama!

We had kinda forgotten that he had even applied until last night when we got a phone call-- from Mr. President himself! Can you believe it?

I hope not or you're a sucker! APRIL FOOLS!!!


Meg said...

Haha this was a good one. I was like "Really!?" I'm not a huge Obama supporter either but he's still my president. I think his ideas are kinda whack. Oh and I was gonna say the same thing! I wanted to talk to you more, but yeah you seemed to know a lot of people there. :) It was good to see you though. I forgot to tell you to tell Nate I said hi. And good choice on the haircut. It's a good length on you. :)

randy n michele said...

That was so good!! I thought it was for real. And then I was thinking President Obama Is in England and he took the time to call Nate. WOW.. You got me good

iyouandme said...

I ALMOST got excited about it. I wish it was true.

ynny said...

M.C.! It's Lindsey. Hi from DC! I love your blog, it makes me happy. Glad to see you and Nate are doing so well.

Haha, you can tell DC's political and professional atmosphere is affecting me: my first thought when reading your blog was, "Um, I'm pretty sure Obama is at the G-20 right now trying his charm offensive on the unyeilding French. No way he called a Utahn."

haha. so what ARE your plans for after graduation??

Jeff-Deanna-Hannah said...

That was so funny. You had me fooled. The whole time I was thinking "why haven't I heard about this?" but no one tells me hardly anything anyway. :) haha. It was very funny though.

Ashley said...

I was reading your post and the thought "What about us being 7 peaks pals??" came to my mind and I was glad it was an April Fools joke :) haha