Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Things you don't want to hear...

"What happened to you? Did you get beat up?"
"Luckily it's in the opposite direction of the prison."
"Would you be willing to be the new 2nd Counselor in the Relief Society?"

It's been a rough week and a half. It started two Sundays ago with a bad migraine. I haven't really had migraines before. They are terrible and I feel horribly for anyone who has them.

Then there were the canker sores followed by terrible fevers and chills, several nights with hardly any sleep, and finally my first case of cold sores. I can't even begin to describe how bad these were. My lips were COVERED. Each morning I would wake up and I wouldn't be able to open my mouth. I'm not kidding. I haven't been able to talk, eat, smile, or kiss my sweet husband. Every night I would go to bed and pray that I would feel better in the morning, but each morning I woke up feeling worse.

On Saturday night I got a text that I needed to meet with the Bishop the next morning for a new calling. I wasn't too worried because we have at least two new families move in a week and they pretty much are having to make up callings for everyone. I looked terrible so I decided I would go a few minutes early to church, meet with the Bishop, sit in the back and take the Sacrament, and then leave and go back to bed.

Well I went in to meet with the Bishop and he asked where Nate was. I said he was at home getting ready and the Bishop apologized because he said Nate should have been asked to be there. He was right. The Bishop let me know they were splitting the relief society and that he was calling me to be the new second counselor. That was when I wished Nate was there. I just started crying. My poor Bishop. I told him I was just super sick and that I would accept. Then I went out to the parking lot and called my parents sobbing. I was the most upset because it meant I had to stay all day for church.

In sacrament meeting, the Bishop announced the relief society split and then made the callings. When he read the second counselor for the west relief society, he didn't say my name. I got a little excited. Then he read the east relief society names, and he read my name. Now this probably doesn't make any sense to anyone but Nate and I. You see, we basically live as far west as one possibly could in our ward. I knew I was in the west relief society, but I had just been called to the east relief society.

After the meeting, I went up and talked to the Bishop about it. He's only been in this calling for two months and he definitely already has his plate full. He told me that he would figure out what to do and let me know. During Sunday school, Nate and I headed over to his grandma's house so I could ice my mouth. His aunt and uncle told me they had a wonder drug for cold sores and gave it to me. It seriously started helping almost immediately.

We went back to church and I was met by one of the new relief society presidents. She started apologizing about the mix-up. I said it was fine, but I'm not sure she believed me because I couldn't show any emotion with the cold sores all over my mouth. When I went into relief society, everyone kept asking me about the calling. I seriously looked like I had leprosy so all I wanted to do was to sit in the back and go unnoticed. The Bishop came in and said he needed to make a public apology and that I would not be serving as the new second counselor. It was pretty funny. Sustained in sacrament and released by relief society. That is my kind of calling :)

I started feeling a lot better and the sores are actually seeming to go away a little more each day. Then I had another mishap. Yesterday on my way home from work, my gas light came on. I was about 20 minutes from home so I figured I would just grab gas at Costco near our apartment. No less than five minutes later, I ran out of gas! Completely! My gas gauge has been weird. Well luckily I got off the freeway before my car came to a stop. Unluckily, it was the off-ramp next to the prison in Draper. I called Nate because I wasn't sure what to do. He looked up the nearest gas station and said, "Bad news is that it's over 6,000 feet away (that's more than a mile), but the good news is that it's in the opposite direction of the prison." He told me he could come meet me there, but it would take about 30 minutes for him to get there. I figured I could walk and it would be no problem. Ha Ha!

So there were like 45 MPH winds and it was straight up hill. As I'm walking, I realize I can't think of another off-ramp where there isn't a gas station within like 100 feet of the exit. So I'm walking and walking and walking. Dust is getting blown in my mouth and I seriously just have to laugh. I'm not one of those people who gets low on gas. I always try to fill up my tank as soon as my light goes on. I always think it's so stupid when people run out of gas. Now I'm one of those stupid people.

Eventually a young girl, Alicia, saw me and stopped to see if I needed help. I asked her if she could just drive me up the hill to the gas station. She probably saved me a good 45 more minutes!

The funny thing was when I got in the car she looked at me and asked if I was okay. I had forgotten about my mouth and said I was fine. Then she asked if I had been beat up. Ha Ha. I certainly felt like I had!

I think things are getting better. My sores seem to be going down and I'm starting to not feel as weak. I feel bad for everyone I canceled on this last week: my Friday night with my girls Rachel and Kaela, our double date with Stephanie and Brett, and our Sunday dinner with my cute Aunt Nan and Jess. And if you have called me and I haven't called back, I'm sorry but speaking has been a challenge for me recently.

p.s. Thanks to Nate for being so sweet, my parents for listening to me cry, and Steve and Jen for giving me the wonderful medication.

xoxo M.C.


bradyandjess said...

wow.... thats intense, I hope you get feeling completely better!

Meg said...

Oh man! I'm so sorry MC. That sounds rough. But just so you know, I thought you were great in the relief society, (I remember when you served in our Santa Barbara ward). I hope you feel better!

Brenda said...

Wow - what a week! Hope you're completely healed very soon! Feel free to call me if you run out of gas - that's what family's for! (You will probably never run out of gas again - but there are other emergencies!)

randy n michele said...

Wow.. I feel bad for you what a week.. You won't hear me complaining anytime soon..
I hope you start feeling better.

Michelle said...

Holy cow. I hope you take a day off from work, take a bath, take a nap, and take some time to recuperate!

Jeff & Alisha said...

Wow, you had a tough week! I hope your cold sores get better soon...and nice work on getting out of your calling...that is a gem!

Rachel DeFreese said...

Holy cow! You poor thing! I didn't feel as bad about the cold sores as I did the calling until I read about the mix-up.....then I felt bad for the cold sores. If you do happen to get that calling, I am sending you my sympathy and empathy! We will reschedule dinner for sure! Glad to know you are feeling better.

KellyB said...

hhaha, oh my GOSH!! That is SOOO SAD!! Do you know Alicias last name? Or what she looked like? That sounds like something my cousin would do. hehe. anyways, im glad your getting better.


Meg said...

I'm dying right now. I can't even believe your week. The cold sores? The calling? New promotion? Gas? Prison? I would definitely think about moving the furniture around in your house because your feng-shui is off BIG TIME! So sorry:<