Sunday, February 8, 2009

We're headed for a better life

So a week ago Nate was playing his ipod and President Hinckley came on and introduced a song by the Mo-Tabs. It made me so sad to hear his voice. More than a year after he left us and I still have to catch myself sometimes when I find myself calling him our Prophet. It's not that I don't love President Monson; it's just that I resist change. And I miss President Hinckley's eternally optimistic outlook on life.

Well, Nate has been working a few nights a week this semester so sometimes I have a little time to myself in the evenings. As much as I love catching up on my Gossip Girl and Fringe, I love curling up in bed with a good book even more. This week I decided to re-read President Hinckley's Standing for Something to satisfy my cravings for some of his wisdom.

I had forgotten that this book is rather secular, at least for a prophet of God. It was really interesting to read after the recent election. In the epilogue, President Hinckley discusses what makes a good leader and determines that there are four main characteristics. The fourth characteristic is that good leaders starve their problems and feed their opportunities. You know when you read something and it just hits you? All week I have been contemplating this concept and trying to apply it to various aspects of my life. I started thinking about people who have had great influence on the world and all of them really did follow this advice, whether intentionally or not. I think the older I get, the more I realize that I can't really control my problems. I like how President Hinckley can be optimistic, yet realistic. He doesn't advise us to just forget that we have problems. Rather he says to make the best decisions you can regarding your struggles, and then to focus your time and energy on your opportunities. It seems simple, but it's funny how often we do the exact opposite. We often tell ourselves (or at least I do) that we'll get to our opportunities once we solve all of our problems... like that is ever going to happen!

I think one thing that is really difficult as a newlywed is everyone asking "So where are you going to end up?" The expression "end up" sounds so final to me. Nate and I aren't even sure where we are going to be in two months, let alone where we will "end up." Who knows if we will "end up" anywhere?

Since we got married, I've really tried to focus on NOW. I was so grateful that Nate still had a year of school left when we got married because I feel like it's provided us the opportunity to get to know one another and learn how to make decisions together before we go off into the "real world" ... and I'm not talking about the show on MTV.

So I guess that's the opportunity I'm feeding right now. It's a wonderful opportunity and I wouldn't have it any other way. It kinda reminds me of this music video I love. It's the song "Better Life" by Keith Urban. It's this adorable young couple and all of their silly everyday adventures. My favorite part is when she gets mad at him in the laundromat and he goes up to her and starts talking to her with sock puppets-- totally something Nate would do. He always knows how to make me laugh. I guess I could keep describing it or you could just google it.

Enough randomness for one night? I think so. Tomorrow's another week. Hopefully it's full of opportunities to feed.


Jeff & Alisha said...

I still do that with Pres. Hinckley too. :(

Jeff and I are finally at that "what now" point--or are swiftly approaching it anyway--and it's scary! I'm glad we had some time to figure things out in our relationship first before having to make huge stressful life decisions. :)

randy n michele said...


Jeff and Passelly said...

Great post! I still can't help but get emotional when I think about Pres. Hinkley. Thanks for the insight - it was a good reminder :)

Jeff and Passelly said...

(this is Passelly btw)
I love your posts because I feel like I can always relate to the things you say. Last year I made a resolution to be happy in the here and now instead of worrying about where we will end up or thinking I will be happy when______. I remember when we were applying to law school, we were often stressed and I thought, if only we can get through this, or thinking I will be happy when we finally make a decision and move. Then when we moved I realized that we were in a new place, we had so much to unpack, a new life to short there was a whole set of new challenges to tackle. I began to look back at our college days in provo and realized how lucky and carefree we actually were back then. Anyway my point is that If we are always thinking that the grass is greener on the other side then we miss out on the blessings that we have NOW. I am much happier now because Ive decided to learn to love the stage I am in right now... I am excited about having kids someday but for now I am determined to enjoying every second of the kid-free, law school/work life!