Monday, February 9, 2009

be my valentine

I think my love for Valentine's Day may have started when I was in the second grade. I had a huge crush on a boy named Jesse. He was pretty much as cute as second grade boys come. However, he went to a different school so a Valentine from him was out of the question.

Besides the rain that year, that was a fun Valentine's: I was wearing my favorite hot pink tie-dyed dress with tights and gray boots (it was the early 90s-- don't judge). As I was helping my mom decorate some cupcakes, our doorbell rang. I ran to open it and when I did what did I see? Jesse standing on my doorstep (in the rain) with a Valentine for yours truly. I think it was Batman. It would be an understatement to say I was excited. That's about as romantic as it gets for a second grader. And luckily Megan was on top of things and came running to the door with a cupcake for Jesse. I hope Nate doesn't get jealous ;)

That's probably where my love for Valentine's Day began, but it's grown and grown over the years because of the following.

Exhibit A:

My dad is an amazing girls dad. I HAVE to tell this adorable tradition he started. If you look closely at the picture you will notice that there are three bouquets of flowers: red, pink, and peach. Well, he always gave my mom red roses (obviously because they are romantic), but when she had my sister, he gave my mom red and pink roses. Then when my mom had me, he gave her red and peach roses. Throughout my entire life, my dad always gave me peach roses. For birthdays and play performances and just because. And even when I went off to college, somehow a bouquet of peach roses always found its way to me. One year he even wrote on the card "From your secret admirer" to make all of the boys jealous. In our old house we had three rose bushes: red, pink, and peach. Such a wonderful tradition!

Exhibit 2:
Although I am holding the heart-shaped meatloaf, I cannot take credit. It is the masterpiece of my mother. I'm not really sure where she came up with this idea, but it's amazing. She has experimented with other foods (one year we had heart-shaped pizza), but meatloaf seems to have won out. Not only do we enjoy this celebratory dish, but we also have many other fun foods like strawberry jello (the good kind with cool whip) and Martinelli's. And my mom always got us presents for Valentine's. Seriously... Valentine's Day is awesome at my house.

I've never understood how people can hate Valentine's Day. There are very few years that I have been dating someone on Valentine's so I understand not necessarily having a "Valentine." However, who can't appreciate a day where watching a chick flick, while eating massive amounts of chocolate and wearing only the colors red and pink are not only allowed, but expected? I also love the excuse to let everyone I care about know exactly how much I love them.

So I'm a little stressed. It's our first Valentine's Day as newlyweds and I have no idea what to do! I mean this is the best-- Valentine's Day falls on a Saturday this year so we have the ENTIRE day to celebrate! Luckily Nate and I both prefer eating at home to going out, so I know that we'll make a festive dinner together at home-- candlelight included (because you have to!). And I'm leaning toward a late night viewing of the Notebook. But then what about the other 12 hours? I mean it's gotta be good. Where is that little cupid when I need him?


Jeff & Alisha said...

Well, I will be honest, you've got me there. I did not have awesome V-day's at home, although those traditions are really cute and I want to do stuff like that!

But as for this year--I agree. No idea. Well, except that we 'get' to work in the family history center that morning, until 1:30pm...that will kill some time, lol.

Colby and Katie said...

Ok, your posts are always just so great. But I totally know what you mean about THIS valentines day. I am totally in the same situation. Let me know if you come up with any fabulous ideas. Im planning on the candlelight dinner (duh, that's a given) but what else...oh goodness. Good luck to the both of us!

iyouandme said...

Hahahaha. I LOVE Valentine's day and my love for it started out in 2nd grade too! And how much do I love valentine's day? Enough to celebrate it for an entire week!

iyouandme said...

PS. Happy Love Week!

Brenda said...

Well, Stacy and I (who will be celebrating 28 years next month) are planning on cleaning out the garage and basement for V-day - how romantic is THAT??? Seriously, we can't cook (no kitchen), so we'll probably do some take-out and hang out, run errands, etc. That's what we like to do. Loved your post.

randy n michele said...

Thanks MC you have inspired me!!