Friday, January 30, 2009

Baby it's cold outside

As Nate was leaving for work today, he said that it's going to get a lot harder to go once it starts getting nicer out... and that got me thinking-- about sun, and warm summer nights, and sundresses, and sandals, and snow cones (and I didn't mean to use alliteration there it just happens that all of the good summer words begin with s). I don't think it's any accident that my new last name is Sommers. I mean, I love the idea of winter: cute warm clothes, snow falling, and hot cocoa. But the day-to-day winter activities really get to me. I'd give anything for a suntan right now. Plus, I'd love to dig all of my cute summer dresses out, but for now all I have are pictures like these to remind me of the wonderful summer!


Brenda said...

Nice post and nice pic! At least January is almost over!

randy n michele said...

I miss summer to!!

Meg said...

I CAN'T wait for spring/summer. I'm really not into all of this bundling.