Saturday, December 6, 2008

All is merry + bright

When I was growing up, we lived on a Christmas Light street. That meant that every house was required to decorate their house and that the street would be closed to cars each evening so people could stroll up and down and enjoy the lights. I always loved putting up lights with my dad. One year our house even made it on the front page of the newspaper!

Another favorite Christmas tradition I had was driving around looking at lights on Christmas Eve. It was always impossible to sleep on those nights so my dad would drive around until I fell asleep. There is something so comforting about Christmas lights and music.

Last year Nate would drive me around to look at lights during December. He took me to all of these fun streets in Orem and Provo. This year we were talking about doing a contest by driving around to all of the local houses to see who has the best lights... but I think we already found our winners.

Carol of the Bells

If you want to visit either of these, you can go here and here for directions and information.
When you visit the houses, you tune your radio into 99.9 and it plays the song for the light show. It's amazing!

Nate and I also went and visited the Festival of Trees up at the Sandy Expo Center. It's an event where they sell off trees and other fun crafts and all the money goes to the Primary Children's Medical Center. There were some really incredible trees. I'd like to say I got some ideas for our own tree, but I'm not sure we could afford most of those trees! Nate and I did get our tree and we will be decorating it shortly. However, I actually woke up this morning with his strep throat and so we're not doing much of anything today but watching some fun movies and drinking lots of liquids.