Tuesday, November 25, 2008

sushi ya

Warning: Mom and Megan may not approve of the following post.

Okay so Nate and I have this favorite sushi restaurant in Orem on State St. It's called Sushi Ya and it's amazing. I would even go as far as to say it is better than Happy Sumo. I was a little hesitant about going there because their sign had said "All you eat sushi" for over a year, and you know how I feel about bad grammar ;) Even more, it was a buffet-- I HATE buffets! Well some of our friends were going there one night and told us how wonderful it was, so we decided to tag along. This was back in June and we have returned many times since. It's way laid back and incredibly cheap. Both of us can eat for under $20 (with tip) and feel very satisfied. They have kind of funny hours (they close in the middle of the day so you have to hit them during lunch and dinner hours) and one of the servers never takes his hood off. However, it's a fun little joint with a quirky atmosphere and delicious food. We recommend the Crystal roll and the Godzilla roll (a little spicy). Definitely put it on your list of places to try, and invite us while you're at it!!!

The address is 1545 South State Street in Orem


Meg said...

I was introduced to a cream cheese roll that I really liked however I can't have any sushi now with B.O.B... which isn't that big of a sacrifice:>

Jeff and Passelly said...

I will def. try this place out this weekend! :)