Friday, November 14, 2008

DMV Drama

So I spent a few hours at the "Drivers License Department" yesterday. Real fast, does anyone else think this is weird? In California we just have a DMV, but here they have separate offices. So even though I needed to get my license (which I'd already been sent to another office and turned away from) AND register my car, I have to go to two different places. In California it's just one. Seems so much easier for me and the offices involved the way California does it.

Ok, tangent over. So I went and waited in line for a while and met a nice boy from England who is here to work before his mission... that's one less job for me haha :) And then I had to re-take the drivers written test because I've never had a Utah drivers license. And guess what? I got 100%--pretty exciting! I mean it was open-book, but still the boy from England only got 88%. I thought the lady would congratulate me or something when she read my score, but nothing. It made me miss the BYU testing screen that says "Excellent" or some other positive affirmation.

So in 2-4 weeks I should be getting a new drivers license with the name Mary Carol Sommers and a new picture. My California license still had my picture from when I was 15. All of my name switching and stuff should be over now that I have taken care of my license. By the way, if you are recently married and don't know how to do any of this stuff, just ask me. I kinda got the run-around so I'd be glad to tell you everything you need and where to go do it. It's not that complicated if someone would just give you accurate information.

So random thing, I have been busily writing all of my thank you notes and I have a stack building up, but I can't bring myself to mail them. I have just written them in the order of how we opened the presents so it's totally random and I don't want to send one thank you note and have someone mention it to another person and then have that person feel bad that we didn't thank them yet. OCD much? Haha. But I'm anxious to get them all done because then all I have left is picking out my pictures for my wedding album and all of this wedding business will be finished!


Meg said...

Still haven't taken the driving test here. I don't think I'll get a 100%. ANd I forgot about the affirmations on your test results at the testing center.. oh BYU.

Kaela Cusack said...

I hear you sister! I actually made Cason come with me for the social security card and for the driver's license so he could empathize with the trauma I had to go through.

Rachel DeFreese said...

I miss your OCD moments

Jeff and Passelly said...

OK so just to make you feel better about your utah DMV experience:
I just recently went to the DMV here in california to register my car and get a new drivers license. I spent 6 hours (literally) at a crowded DMV, had to pay almost $450dollars and I also had to retake the written exam (with NO handbook). AND they didnt let me change my last name even though I brought my marriage certificate which means i will eventually have to go back and do the same thing all over again!

Brenda said...

MC - ha ha ha. When we all moved here, 4 of us went to the DL place and had to take our tests all together - I was glad it was open book! Glad you're officially a Sommers. Don't worry about the Thank you cards all getting out at the same time - everyone realizes that there are tons to do - don't stress!