Thursday, October 23, 2008

J Crew Sale

So I love the blog Your Heart Out that highlights all sorts of fun things in Utah. Funny thing-- my sister in Indiana introduced me to it! Well I was looking at it yesterday and they advertised a JCrew sale up at the Barn at Thanksgiving Point. Here's the ad.

It sounded pretty awesome so Nate and I decided to go check it out. I didn't find anything (probably because I have way too much clothing already), but Nate found so many great deals. He looked so cute going off to school in his new polo and jacket today. (Love embarrassing the husband) Shirts were $5, dress shirts were $7, shoes were $10, and sweaters were $15! For all JCrew stuff! You really have to dig through a lot of stuff (my arms hurt by the end), but there was actually clothing in all sizes-- you know how sales usually just have the good stuff in like XXL? It was really fun! I totally recommend it to anyone in the area, but today is the last day! You do get an extra 20% off today, and they said last night they were bringing out new stuff! I would recommend wearing something you can try clothing on over because they don't have any dressing rooms. Goodluck shopping!


Meg said...

Had I known I probably would have made you take pics with your phone of stuff for me!!

David and Shalynna said...

So fun! It reminds me of Last Chance in AZ- have I told you about that place? Nordstrom's warehouse? You would love it. Now, I love all your posts but where in the world are your wedding photos! I've been waiting!