Thursday, October 23, 2008

HONEYMOONERS: She looks happy and he looks tired!

That is what all of the locals say to you when you get off the boat down in Mexico. Pretty funny. I guess it was pretty obvious that we were on our honeymoon. Nate and I want to go back in ten years and still have them say that to us :)

We went on a seven day cruise to Mexico. It was so much fun! I had never been on a cruise before, but I loved it so much!!! There is so much to do, even though we spent most of our time relaxing! There was even a library on board so you know I was happy!
This was us on one of the formal nights. I wish you could see the "professional" photo they took of us. It looked like a really bad prom photo. Thank goodness for our wedding photographer Haley.

Nate and I took a glass bottom boat/water taxi to Lovers' Beach. When the guy told us he was taking us to Lovers' Beach I asked if it was a topless beach-- he said it wasn't anymore. Darn!
This is us on Lovers' Beach-- appropriately we are kissing :)

I loved coming home each night to see what towel animal we had. Nate and I had a lot of fun playing with them. We almost bought the book that taught you how to make them so we could do it for our guests, but I don't think we'll be having too many of those in our apartment any time soon.

This is us on our one week anniversary. It was a formal night so it was fun to get dressed up and celebrate! Nate had a bottle of Martinelli's sent to our table and bought me a rose-- he is so romantic!

p.s. and he's handsome too! Our honeymoon was basically perfect and we did not want to come back! Luckily our cruise left from Long Beach so we got to spend a few hours with my parents down in California before our flight left for Salt Lake. I miss the warm weather and relaxation, but I guess that's what next summer is for :)


Cara said...

you guys are soo cute!! I went on my first cruise this April and I LOVED it!! That is so funny about the animals made out of towels!! I loved coming to my room each night to see them. My favorite was the monkey and elephant.

Looks like you guys had a blast! I would give ANYTHING to swim with a dolphin!! Someday!!

Meg said...

Who knew the same girl who would be stoked on a library during her honeymoon would be asking about a topless beach... too funny. It looks like you had a wonderful time!

iyouandme said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your lacy formal dress. Did I mention that I love it?