Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween

Hey everyone! Hope you are having a happy Halloween filled with lots of sugary sweets! I'm still not sure what I'm going to dress up as, so if you have any suggestions let me know! However, I did want to blog about something I am very excited about: I went into the store today and guess what was on display?
I had to buy a box!!! These are my all-time favorites and they only sell them for a short time. They are actually really hard to find and I'm proud of myself for only buying one box. The best is dipping them in hot cocoa! If you see them, you totally have to try them! Happy Halloween everyone!!!


Nate said...

ooooooo...Sound delicious. I can't wait to get home from work.

Brenda said...

That's hilarious! I am impressed that you only bought one box, that sounds way too tempting to me, I would buy lots and make myself sick on them, oh well, that's probably why you're a cute slender gal!