Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ghetto Sea World

I had to dedicate a blog to Nate's favorite part of our honeymoon. I seriously have never seen him this happy. When we docked in Puerto Vallerta, we went to the Sea Life Park, or as we like to affectionately call it, "Ghetto Sea World."

Nate was determined to swim with the dolphins when we went down there. He was so excited. Several of his friends told him that some places only have them swim around you, but he was specific and asked the guy if he could hold onto the fin and have the dolphin pull him. Well that is what we got!

I went first and it really was so fun! I was a little nervous, but the dolphins are just like dogs. They are so sweet and fun to play with. They wouldn't let us get close to take video and they wanted to charge $55 dollars for the video they made, so these are far away but you can still see how amazing it is. Ironically, all of the dolphins were named after Disney characters. We swam with Belle and Aurora.

It's amazing the things you find out after you're married. I had no idea Nate had such a love for dolphins. He said if he were rich, he would buy one for a pet. So if any of you haven't bought him a birthday present yet, there's an idea. By the way, that does not give you permission to buy him ugly Flipper paraphernalia. Our apartment is small enough as it is without a giant dolphin stuffed animal :)

P.S. Check out the new pic of M.C. wakeboarding down on "weekend getaway"


Jeff and Passelly said...

oh my gosh how fun! we did the same thing on our honeymoon! I thought it would be really scary at first too :)

Meg said...

I love that Nate loves dolphins. I think I would like them too. Glad that you had so much fun at Ghetto Sea World... I'm out of the DIsney loop because I don't even know who Aurora is. BTW, swimming with dolphins reminds me of Baby Michelle, Hawaii, Clip Board of Fun episode:>

Meg said...

You guys are too cute! It looks like your honeymoon was a blast! Cruises are the best. :)