Monday, October 13, 2008


So my best friend, Brooke, threw me an awesome bachelorette party the Saturday before our wedding. I'm not sure anyone knows how to throw a party as well as Brooke. It was FABULOUS! She had made all kinds of yummy foods and fun drinks and we watched a video where Nate answered questions and I had to guess his answers. I did pretty good, but I was surprised how well he knew all of my little quirks better than I even did (like that if he comes home and hears me watching Gilmore Girls he knows I've had a rough day).

It was so fun to get to celebrate with so many good friends. I feel so blessed for all of the good friends I have made while in college. Someone once asked me what the number one quality I look for in a friend is and for me it's that there is something about them that I admire and would like to develop in myself. I have had so many good friends and roommates who have taught me so much. They have been there for me during the good and hard times. I hope all you girls know that I'm always here for you NO MATTER WHAT! Thanks for everything!I was a little burned from the BYU football game earlier that day! The bridal barbie cake didn't turn out quite right ;)
The best bridesmaids ever!

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