Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Shower with the Sommers Family

On Monday, Nate's family gave us a shower. It was really fun to have him there with me and I think he enjoyed getting to open some presents! His family has a tradition of throwing a "food" shower where everyone brings you things to start out your new apartment. It was so nice to get so many things for our kitchen and around our apartment- it really has helped make it feel more like home!

Another tradition is that each couple gave us a piece of advice. There were some pretty good words of wisdom so I'm going to write them down below so I don't forget:

"Be considerate of each others' feelings" Ben

"Have a baby fast" Brooke

"Don't go to bed mad at each other" Brady and Jessica

"Remember that you are each other's best friend" Desirae

"In 15 years you will be even happier-- if you stick together" Steve and Jen

"If something needs to be done, do it" Stacy

"Don't give up... and never bring up the word 'divorce'" Brenda

"Enjoy every minute" Grandma

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David and Shalynna said...

Here is my advice: If you start arguing or fighting- take off your clothes. This was advice someone gave me before I was married and I think it is the funniest thing (but I haven't done it yet :).